How to Block SASSA Card In 2024? – What Is The Procedure To Block SASSA Card?

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If your SASSA card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you should block it immediately. This is to make sure to stop anyone from using your grant money. There’s a lot of fraud happening these days. If you wait too long to block your card, someone else might use it without your permission.

If you’ve blocked your SASSA card by mistake or intentionally and want to unblock it, we can help. We’ll discuss the steps to unblock your SASSA card. I will also explain why SASSA cards can get blocked.

How to Block SASSA Card In 2024?

Before you start the process of blocking your card, it’s important to gather the necessary documents. Having all ready documents makes sure a smooth procedure. The important documents are given below.

How to Block SASSA Card In 2024?
  • South African ID Card: You will need your 13-digit bar-coded South African Identity Card .
  • Passport Number or Special Permit Number: If you are an asylum seeker, refugee, or hold a special permit, you must have this number.
  • Phone Number: The phone number you used during the procedure of your SASSA grant application is required.
  • Transaction History: You should have a record of all transactions made with your SASSA card over the last month.
  • Proof of Residence: A document that confirms your current address like a utility bill.
  • Police Report Case Number: If your card was lost, having a police report is optional. But, it is recommended to help you in the verification process.
  • Additional Documents: Any other papers that can prove you are the right owner of the card.

These documents help SASSA to verify that you are the real owner of the grant. It helps you to protect against fraudulent or unauthorized access to your funds. During the verification process, SASSA might also request additional documents. They need these documents to confirm your identity and ownership of the card.

How To Block The Lost SASSA Card?

Below is the step-by-step guide to block your SASSA card.

Calling the SASSA Call Center: 

  • This is the simplest method. 
  • Just pick up the phone and dial the SASSA customer service number. 
  • Tell them that you’ve lost your card and block it immediately to protect your funds. 

Visiting a SASSA or SAPO Office: 

  • If you prefer blocking card in person, you can also do this.
  • You have to visit your nearest SASSA office or a South African Post Office (SAPO). 
  • When you go there, inform the staff that your card is missing.
  • Tell them you want to block it to avoid any misuse. 
  • They will help you with the necessary steps right there.

Emailing Post Bank

  • If you cannot make a phone call or visit in person, you can send an email to the Post Bank. 
  • In your email, clearly mention that your SASSA card has been lost or stolen.
  • Also mention that you need to block it to secure your account. 
  • Include your full name and any other required details to help them identify your account quickly.

What Is The Procedure To Block SASSA Card?

Below is the detailed process of blocking your SASSA card.

Method 1: Block SASSA Card Through The Helpline

You can block your SASSA card by calling them on their toll free number

Method 1: Block SASSA Card Through The Helpline

First Step: Call the SASSA Helpline

  • Dial the Number: On your phone dial the SASSA helpline number at 0800 601 011.
  • Listen to the Instructions: You will hear an automated message that gives you different options.
  • Select the Option to Speak with a Representative: Usually, you press 1 to connect with a SASSA representative. Make sure to listen carefully as these options might change.

Second Step: Ask the SASSA Worker to Block SASSA Card

  • Speak to the Representative: Once you are connected, tell the representative that you want to block your SASSA card.
  • Provide Your Details: They will ask for your identity card and phone number. Make sure you give them correct information.

Third Step: Verification Procedure And Reason

  • Verify Your Identity: The representative will verify your identity using the details you provided.
  • Explain the Reason for Blocking: Clearly explain why you need to block your card. Be honest because telling a story can lead to more complications.
  • Provide Additional Information: Depending on the reason, you might need to provide details of recent transactions or other documents. You must have these documents ready and provide them when the representative asks.
  • Card Blocking: Once all verifications are complete, and if everything is correct, the representative will block your card immediately.

Method 2: Block SASSA Card By Visiting Nearest Office

If you want to block your card in person rather than over the phone, it’s also simple. You can block your SASSA card by visiting a SASSA office. Below are the steps to blocking the card in person.

Method 2: Block SASSA Card By Visiting Nearest Office

First Step: Find Your Nearest SASSA Office and Its Opening Hours

  • Find the Office: You must find where the nearest SASSA office is located. You can do this by searching online or calling the SASSA helpline for information.
  • Check Opening Hours: Make sure you know the office working hours. This information is typically available on the SASSA website. You can also know the working hours by calling the office.

Second Step: Visit the SASSA Office During Working Hours

  • Prepare Your Documents: Before you go, collect all necessary documents. These documents include your identity card and any other relevant information. These documents are required to verify your identity.
  • Go to the Office: Go to the SASSA office during the working hours. Once you reach there, you will need to take a number. Once you take the number you have to  wait for your turn to be served.
  • Request Card Blocking: When it’s your turn, explain to the representative that you need to block your SASSA card. Provide your identity card and phone number for verification.
  • Complete the Process: The representative will guide you through the necessary steps to block your card. They may ask for additional details or documents based on your situation.
  • Give the reason to block SASSA card: When SASSA workers ask for the reason for blocking the card, give them an authentic reason.

Method 3: Block SASSA Card VIA Email To Post Bank

If you prefer not to call or visit in person, there is another way as well. This is to block your SASSA card by emailing Post Bank. Below is the procedure to do it step by step.

Method 3: Block SASSA Card VIA Email To Post Bank

First Step: File a Police Report

  • Report the Loss: Before blocking your card via email, you must first report your lost or stolen card to the police.
  • Get a Report Number: Make sure to get a file number from the police report. This will be necessary to prove the identity of your claim when contacting Post Bank.

Second Step: Compose Your Email

  • Clear Subject Line: Write a simple subject line, such as Request to Block Lost SASSA Card.
  • Explain Your Reason: In the body of the email, clearly state that your card has been lost or stolen. Also mention that you want to block it to avoid unauthorized use.
  • Include Necessary Details: Provide all necessary information to help Post Bank verify your identity and process your request. This should include:
  • Your ID Number
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Application ID (if applicable)
  • The Police Report File Number
  • Any other relevant details that might support your request

Step 3: Send the Email

  • Review Your Email: Before sending, double check your email that everything is complete and correct.
  • Send The Email: Once you’re sure everything is correct, send the email.

By following these steps and providing complete and accurate information, you can block your SASSA card. This method is useful if you are unable to leave your home.

Confirming Your SASSA Card Has Been Blocked

Once you’ve taken the steps to block your SASSA card, it’s important to know that the card is blocked. You can do this by reaching out to the authorities again. This can be done either through another phone call or by visiting the department in person if you need confirmation right away.


Yes, you might be able to get your lost SASSA card at the post office. You can get it in the case if someone finds it and turns it into the post office. They use fingerprint checks to see if it’s yours. But, this isn’t guaranteed.

If you’ve lost your SASSA card, you should block it immediately to protect your funds. You can do this by either calling the SASSA helpline or visiting the office in person.

Final Words

In conclusion, if your SASSA card is lost, stolen, or damaged, it’s important to block it immediately. You can call the SASSA helpline, visit an office, or email Post Bank to do this. Make sure to have all necessary documents ready. After blocking the card, confirm it’s blocked by contacting SASSA again. This ensures your grant money stays safe.

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