How To Apply For SASSA Grant In Aid – A Complete Guide for Beginners 

Grant In Aid SASSA

The Grant In Aid SASSA is a special kind of financial help for people in South Africa who need it. This grant is for individuals who can not care for themselves due to any disability, medical condition, or mental disease. To get a grant-in-aid from SASSA, the individual who is applying for the grant must already be receiving any other kind of grant from SASSA. That grant could be a disability grant, an old age grant, or a grant for children

If the individual cannot complete his daily activities and needs someone like a caregiver to help him manage his daily tasks, he can get this grant to pay the caregiver. Grant in aid SASSA supports hiring someone to care for those who can not do their daily tasks alone. Here You Can Check Your Grant In Aid Status and check your payment dates or grant approval status by entering 13 Digit ID number and 10 Digit Phone Number.

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For example, if a person needs help with everyday activities such as eating or moving around, the grant money is used to pay for the caregiver. The purpose is to ensure that people who can not look after themselves can live happy and effortless lives. But if your SASSA approved then check SASSA balance otherwise your need to use SASSA reapplication.

Latest Form for SASSA Grant in Aid

Eligibility Requirements For Grant In Aid SASSA

You must fulfill some requirements to get this grant. So, it is important to meet the eligibility criteria given by SASSA. If you do not fulfill the criteria, you will not be able to get the grant. The criteria are given below.

Eligibility Requirements For Grant In Aid SASSA

Main Grant Requirements

First, you must make sure that you meet all the requirements for the grant you’re already getting from SASSA, such as getting a disability or old age grant. It means you have to pass the means test. This test checks if you need financial help.

Receiving a SASSA Grant

You must already be getting a specific type of grant from SASSA. This could be an old age grant, disability grant, or a grant for war veterans. It’s essential because the Grant-In-Aid only helps those who are getting grants from the government.

Need Full-Time Care

If you have a serious health issue that makes it impossible for you to care for yourself, this grant is for you. It’s for those who need someone else to help them with daily tasks at home.

Not Getting Care Help From the Government

This grant is not for people who are getting care in any government facility. It is for people who live at home but still need constant care.

Medical Proof Required

You need a medical report that’s three months old to prove that you need an extra level of care. Any doctor can provide this report, not just those doctors who work for the government. This report is essential as it confirms your need for full-time care.

How To Apply For SASSA Grant In Aid?

There are two ways to apply for grants in Aid SASSA: online and on the SASSA official website. Let’s discuss both methods in detail. 

Latest Form for SASSA Grant in Aid

Go To the SASSA Office

Visit the SASSA office near your house. Ask the SASSA workers for a SASSA grant-in-aid application form. 

Document Submission

You must complete the application form in the presence of a SASSA officer. The officer will help you complete the form and give you help if you need it. When submitting a grant-in-aid application, you must also submit applications for the disability grant, old age grant, or war veteran’s grant.

Medical Report

You need a fresh doctor’s statement that is not older than three months, that shows you have a severe health problem and need help at home every day. You can get this medical proof from any doctor, whether private doctors or government workers.

Submit The Form

After filling out the form in the presence of a SASSA officer, please submit it to the SASSA officer with a medical report and other documents. 

Conducting Interview

After submission of the form, the SASSA officials will get an interview from the applicants. They will take your fingerprints as well. After the interview, they will inform you if your application is accepted or rejected.

Sassa Grant In Aid Online Application

You can also apply for the grant online by visiting the official SASSA website. Go to the website, enter your details and documents, and submit them online.

Stamp Receipt

After you apply, you’ll get a receipt with a date from the SASSA officer who helped you. Keeping this receipt safe is essential, even if you don’t qualify for the grant.

When You Can’t Apply Yourself?

If going to the SASSA office is difficult for you because you’re old, sick, or disabled, someone else can apply. The person can be a family member or a close friend. 

Just ensure they have a letter from you permitting them to apply on your behalf and a statement from your doctor. The doctor’s statement is needed to explain why you cannot visit the office in person. 

Documents Needed For Sassa Grant In Aid 2023

You must have the documents SASSA requires to apply for a grant in aid sassa 2022. You can take original documents or copies as well. The necessary documents are given below.

Your ID Card: Bring your 13-digit ID card with a barcode.

Doctor’s Report: A fresh (not older than three months) medical report that shows you have a disability and need someone to help you at home all the time. This can be from any doctor.

About Your Marital Status:

  • Married? Bring your Marriage Certificate.
  • Divorced? You’ll need your Divorce Decree.
  • Widowed? A Death Certificate of your spouse is necessary.
  • Single? An Affidavit or Sworn Statement.

Grant-In-Aid Affidavit: You need to fill out this paper and sign for the Grant-In-Aid.

How Much Is SASSA Grant In Aid?

According to the reports of 1st October 23, the SASSA grant in aid amount is R510 per month. Many South Africans also ask about the SASSA grant in aid amount 2018. The amount of the grant is expected to increase from 1st April 2024. Everyone will get R10 per person from April 2024 onward.

old age grant SASSA

Period Of Application Approval

SASSA can take up to 3 months to check your application, so you have to be patient during this time period. When your application is approved, you’ll start receiving your amount. If, unfortunately, your application is rejected, SASSA will inform you.

How To Check Grant In-Aid Application Status?

After submitting your grant application, you must check its status regularly to determine its current status. You can easily track the progress of your application, whether it’s accepted, rejected, or pending. Below are some ways to check the status of your application.

  • You can check the status via the Moya App.
  • You can check the status by visiting the official SASSA website.
  • Call the toll number 0800-601011 for free.
  • Check your status by sending an SMS to 082-046-8553.
  • You can also check your status via WhatsApp at 082-046-8553.

SASSA Grant-In-Aid Payment Process

grant in aid

Once your grant is approved, you’ll start receiving your payments from the date of your application. Remember that SASSA doesn’t have fixed payment dates; they announce them each month. When it comes to getting your grant money, you have three choices.

  • You could have it directly deposited into your bank or Postbank account. 
  • You can withdraw your cash at SASSA-partner stores like Pick n Pay, Shoprite, etc. 
  • Lastly, depending on your situation, payments can also be received through certain institutions, such as old age homes or disability centers.


The ubiquitous question people ask is what grant-in-aid SASSA is. So, simply, the answer is that it’s a special kind of financial help for those people who are unable to take care of themselves and need a caretaker who can help them in their daily activities.

You can apply for the grant by visiting the SASSA office or through an online application.

Final Thoughts

The SASSA Grant-In-Aid is a special help for people in South Africa who can’t do daily tasks alone because they are sick or have a disability. To get this help, they must already get any other grant from SASSA, like for old age or disability. 

You must also show that you need a caretaker to help you at home. Applying for a grant is easy; you can go to the SASSA office or SASSA contact do it online. Just ensure you have the right documents, like a doctor’s statement and ID. Remember to keep checking the status of your application. This grant ensures people who need extra help can have a better life.

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