How To Apply For SASSA Food Parcel

How To Apply For Sassa Food Parcel

As SASSA is the vital source of income of more than millions of South Africans, who are in need, it offers a food parcels program to assist the families. Food parcels basically contain heavy amounts of food and water provided by the SASSA to the community. Individuals who are facing poverty, having less incomes besides grants can apply for food parcels at SASSA. Many families are not getting food because of its prices across the country, SASSA has launched a food parcel program for families and individuals. The South African government is very good to its citizens, once providing social grants and now providing food parcels. Let’s know How To Apply For SASSA Food Parcel and the eligibility criteria for getting them.

Ultimate Guide on Applying For SASSA Food Parcels

In South Africa, individuals and families are lucky to have such a successful government in terms of Sassa as it’s the most powerful plus popular agency. SASSA Status not only provides relief but also helps individuals to grow healthier and better through their food parcel. Many South Africans who are under the poverty line can apply for these parcels and get food for themselves and for their families. Food parcels contain different food items including Maize, Rice, Tinned foods and other healthier foods. 

The prices of food are crossing the limits within South Africa and many citizens can’t afford to buy food, which causes illness and other problems within individuals. With the successful launch of Sassa food parcel’s program, the government has become the helping hand of citizens of South Africa. If you’re the one, having low income and seeking to get food, let’s dive into a guide on filling application form for Sassa food parcels and knowing eligibility. Also check out Sassa Port Shepstone Office.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply For SASSA Food Parcels

For applying for Sassa food parcels, applicants should meet the eligibility criteria given by the Sassa, so that food parcels should actually be delivered to the needy ones. So, let’s know some point that’s in the eligibility criteria to apply for sassa food parcels.

  1. You must be a legal citizen of South Africa.
  2. You must’ve an original Id card.
  3. You must have an active phone number.
  4. Your monthly income should be less than R624.
  5. If you’re going through any illness, you’re eligible.

Step by Step Applying for SASSA Food Parcels

Before applying for Sassa food parcels, must ensure you’re eligible to apply for them as you’ll be disqualified at the Sassa office because of not meeting the criteria. If you’re really a needy individual, who is affected by some illnesses, disasters or other diseases and problems or you’re under the line of poverty, then do hurry in filling the Sassa food parcel form. Applying for food parcels contains two methods: one is by applying physically while the other one is online. Let’s know both of them briefly.

Applying For SASSA Food Parcel Physically

Applying for a Sassa food parcel physically has some key steps, you’ve to follow to get your parcels in your hands. This method is quite simple and easy, as you must’ve required documents in your hand. 

  1. Visit the nearest Sassa office to locate it through their website.
  2. Ask for Sassa Food parcel form at the office, ask the help desk.
  3. Submit documents that include:
  • Your ID card or birthday Certificate ( if you’re under 18)
  • ID Card and birth certificate of your family.
  • Your proof of income including pay slips.
  • Your Proof of unemployment or disease.
  • Marriage certificate and other supporting documents if you’re married.
  1. Now fill up the form accurately and submit the form along with all the point no:03 documents.
  2. You have to wait for some time for verification as they may visit your house for analysis.
  3. After being verified, you’ll be able to get Sassa food parcels at your home.

Applying For SASSA Food Parcel Online

Here’s an alternative method to apply for Sassa food parcels online. This method is straightforward and is assisted by the guide of the Sassa team.

  1. Contact Sassa through WhatsApp to ask them if you’re interested in applying for a Sassa food parcel.
  2. They will assist you with the application process.
  3. If needed, they’ll provide you with online Sassa food parcel form through WhatsApp.

Additional Tips While Applying For SASSA Food Parcel

As an applicant, you may face denial and other problems while submitting and applying for Sassa food parcels. Here are some additional tips for applicants who are applying for Sassa food parcels for the first time. 

First Tip: Ensure all your documents are up to date and accurate.

Second Tip: If you’re unable to provide a document, prepare an affidavit.

Third Tip: Follow up Sassa to check status regularly after submitting your application.

Fourth Tip: Submit your application if you’re eligible.

Fifth Tip: Connect with other applicants who have already submitted their applications and get food parcels for help.


Is proof of income necessary to provide?

Yes, proof of income is a necessary document to provide.

Can I apply for a Sassa food parcel on behalf of someone?

Yes, you can apply for a Sassa food parcel on behalf of someone if you’ve an authorization.

What is included in the food parcel box?

You’ll get maize, rice, meal, canned food, cooking oil and other stuff.

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