How to Unblock SASSA Card

How to Unblock Sassa Card

SASSA has offered a great opportunity to get your payment anywhere and anytime you want through SASSA cards. SASSA cards play a vital role in the life of beneficiaries as it benefits them to get ATM transactions, withdrawals, shopping, groceries, medicine anytime. What if your card isn’t working to give you your transactions and groceries? There may be a 100% blockage issue as your SASSA card is blocked by SASSA due to many reasons. Now you’re thoughtful regarding two different questions arising in your minds as how do I know if my SASSA card is blocked? or how to unblock SASSA card? Delve in this article to know about your SASSA card blockage and what you should do if your card is really facing blockage issues. Also visit here to check your SASSA Status.

How Do I Know If My SASSA Card Is Blocked

SASSA is the most helpful agency having its branches across South Africa that allows beneficiaries to apply for different grants and get their payment online, through Sassa cards or by visiting actual Sassa offices. As you’re a Sassa card holder and taking many benefits from it, you may sometimes face the blockage of your Sassa cards. The main point here is to determine if SASSA has actually blocked your card. To continue processing, you must determine whether your card is blocked. So, let’s dive into this section to know ways.

  1. If the system denies the transaction, it means your card is facing blockage issue.
  2. Check your card balance and if your card is blocked, ATM shows message as blocked.
  3. Call at Sassa office and ask them to check your Sassa card status.
  4. Must visit your bank that issued your Sassa card and check whether card or block is not.
  5. Email Sassa customer’s care and get knowledge about your Sassa card blockage.

Methods to Unblock SASSA Card

Once you confirm that SASSA has blocked your card, you should unblock it to resolve problems with transactions and groceries. Sassa card is the main thing that allows beneficiaries to get their payment of social grants. If you feeling frustrated and want to know how to unblock Sassa card, dive deeper into the different methods given below.

Visit SASSA Office

The first method of unblocking your Sassa card is to visit your nearest Sassa office, find any representatives there to get help from them. The Representative will help you unblocking your Sassa card.

Call SASSA Helpline

Unblocking Sassa card via Sassa helpline is another method. You have to call at 0800 60 10 11 for assistance. When representatives is on line, ask about your situation of blockage of card. A representative will guide you further.

Reset SASSA Card Pin

Here’s another method that includes resetting of your Sassa card pin. Sometimes entering wrong pins too many times is the reason of you blocked card. In this case, visit Sassa office and ask them to reset your pin. They ask you to provide ID number and phone number.

Reactivate Your SASSA Card

If you don’t collect your grant on time, your SASSA might block it. You have to reactivate your Sassa card and collect your grant. Visit nearest Sassa office, provide documents including 

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How Can I reset my Sassa card pin?

You can reset your Sassa card pin by visiting the nearest Sassa office and meeting the Sassa member to assist you.

What are the reasons for the blockage of my Sassa card?

The reasons may include exceeding withdrawal limits, technical issues or due to card pins.

What precautions should be taken to avoid card blockages?

You must have to protect your pins, be cautious with ATM payments, and check card stations on a regular basis.

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