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Moya App SASSA 350

Moya App SASSA 350 is an online app available on the Google play store or apple app store. For the citizens of South Africa. This app helps the south africans to check their grant payments. The people of South Africa can also use the moya app sassa for changing bank details. 

You can easily use & download Moya app SASSA and handle your SASSA grants online. The Moya App for SASSA R350 is very helpful for checking your SASSA status. Without having to go to the SASSA office physically.

How Moya App SASSA 350 Good For SASSA Applicants in 2024?

There are several reasons why Moya application is perfect option for SASSA applicants in 2024;

Moya App SASSA Status Check

With the 350 Moya App, you don’t have to wait in lines to know. If your grant application has been approved. Just open the app on your mobile. And after entering your details that you have given to SASSA, you can see the current status of your application. 

Moya App SASSA Change Banking Details

If you need to update the bank account given to SASSA where you receive your grant payments. The SASSA Moya app makes this easy and safe. Keeping your details accurate and updated is important as it makes sure that. You will get your grant money on time and without facing any kind of issue. You can update or even change your banking details with Moya SASSA 350.

Apply or Reapply for the Grant

Whether you’re applying for the SASSA grant for the very first time. You need to reapply in case your grant application has been rejected. Then you can use SASSA moya app R350 without getting worried. With the help of this app, you can reapply for the grant. But you have to make sure that you have provided each and every information about yourself correct.

Moya App SASSA 350 Payment Dates

It’s important to have an idea about the moya app SASSA payment dates of your grant. So, you can plan the budget for the whole month according to the dates. The app for SASSA makes sure to keep everyone updated about their payment dates scheduled by the SASSA.

Help With Rejected Applications

There are chances of rejection of your application for the grant. You can also ask SASSA to review your application again with the moya app.

How To Check 350 SASSA Status On Moya App?

If you want to know about your application if it is rejected or accepted then you can also check the current status of your application with moya app SASSA status feature. Follow the below steps for moya app SASSA status check by using the moya app.


Many South Africans ask how to Check SASSA Status on the Moya app. The SASSA Moya app is another accurate method for SASSA payment status checks in 2024.

Open Moya Application

You have to make sure your mobile or the device is connected to the internet and then open the Moya app. If the app is not installed on your mobile then download moya app SASSA 2022 first.

Click the SASSA Discovery Section

After opening the Moya app, navigate to the DISCOVERY section that is about SASSA services. When you click on that option you will be redirected to the official website of SASSA SRD and you will get access to the SASSA website. 

Enter Your Information

When the SASSA website is open, they will ask you to give your ID number and the phone number. You have to enter the same number that you used when you were applying for the grant.

Moya app status checker

After you have entered your details then click on submitting the details, the SASSA website will tell you about the grant status. You can also use the moya app sassa status check balance feature to check how much grant amount is left in your account.

How To Check 350 SASSA Status On Moya App?

You can’t use the Moya App to apply for the SASSA R350 grant. The moya app sassa online gives the information about SASSA grants and helps the people to check the status of their grant application. But for applying for the SASSA grant, you’ve to visit the official website & follow the below given steps.

Step 1: Go To Official Website Of SASSA

You have to visit the official website of SASSA to apply for the SASSA grant application. After going to the official website, you’ll see two main options given below.

  • Apply For The Grant: If you have not applied for the grant yet, then you will get the option of applying for SASSA grant to get the grant money.
  • Check Grant Status: If you have already applied for the grant but your application status is still not confirmed whether it is accepted or rejected, then you have to click on this section to check the current status of your grant. In case your grant is rejected then you have the opportunity to use moya app reapply option reapply for the grant as well.

Step 2: Provide Your Personal Information

The next step is to enter all your necessary details such as your phone number and ID card number. Enter all the details carefully.

Step 3: Click On Submit

After entering all the details, you have to click on the submit button to submit your application to SASSA.

Moya App SASSA Appeal 

If your application is rejected again & again by SASSA, there is no need to worry. If you think that you are eligible, you can appeal to the SASSA to review your application.

Open the Moya App: Open the Moya App on your mobile phone. Make sure you have a good internet connection.

Go To Sassa Section: After opening the app, find the sassa and click on the option of appealing SASSA decision. In this section, you can deal with anything from Moya App download SASSA payment dates to appealing decisions. 

Provide Information About Yourself: After that enter all of your details. These details included your ID number and the phone number you used when you were applying for SASSA grant. This step is very important for the Moya App SASSA online application process too.

Reason Of Appealing: Now, write the reason why you think the decision is wrong and sassa needs to review your application. Keep the reason authentic and to the point.

Upload Documents: If you have any additional documents that support your application, you can add them in your application as well.

Review and Submit: Before submitting your appeal, double check everything you’ve entered in the application. Make sure all the details are correct up to date. Then, submit your appeal.

Waiting for a Response: After submitting, now you have to wait. SASSA will review your appeal and make a new decision. This part can take some time, so try to be patient. 

Download Moya App SASSA 350

You have to download the moya app sassa on your mobile phone. If you have an Android mobile, then go to the Google Play Store. If you have an iPhone, then go to the Apple App Store. Search for “Moya App” and download moya app . You can go for moya app SASSA download for android and iphone by following ways.

For Android phones

  • Open the Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Type “MoyaApp” in the search bar and click on search.
  • Find the Moya Messenger app in the search results and tap “Install.”
  • After the app downloads, open the app and sign up using your phone number.

For iPhones (iOS)

  • Go to the Apple App Store on your iPhone.
  • Search for “Moya App” in the store.
  • When you see the app, tap to download and install it.
  • Once it’s on your phone, open the app and register with your phone number.


To check your SASSA status on the Moya App, open the app and log in. Then, put in your ID number and phone number, and submit. You’ll see if your grant is accepted, rejected, or pending. It’s an easy way to check your SASSA grant without using data.

If you want to check your R350 sassa status on moya app, then you have to simply open the moya app. After opening the app, go to the sassa section & you’ll be redirected to the official website. Enter all your details such as ID & phone number and your status will be shown on the screen.


In conclusion, the Moya App 350 is very helpful for South Africans for their SASSA R350 grants. You can use it for checking grant status and updating banking details. With features like status checks and the ability to update bank details directly through the app, this app plays an important role. 

But, if you need to apply for the grant or appeal for the grant if you didn’t get the grant for the first time, you’ll have to visit the SASSA website directly. So, the Moya app is a great application for checking grant status or changing personal details. Also, you can check any type of grant status including SASSA foster child, child support grant, care dependency grant, grant-in-aid, old age grant, disability grant and war verterans.

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