SASSA Approved with Payday But No SMS

SASSA Approved with Payday But No SMS

Applying for different applications and getting approval for social grants make the needy South African happier and better as they face many problems regarding financial transactions and crisis. What if you can’t get SMS after successful approval of your application with payday? This may lead to frustration and create confusion as you’re now eligible to collect your grants at different paydays but not getting SMS from the SASSA team. Check your application status and if find successful processing of it with payday, that’s great but SMS is necessary to be delivered by SASSA to your on approval and for further paydays. In this article, we have provided solutions to this issue that will make ease in your situation regarding SASSA approved with payday but no SMS.

Understanding SASSA Approval But No SMS

You have to ensure two things to understand Sassa approval but no pay date. Check eligibility before applying to any social grants and then filling out accurate information in the application. Sometimes, your application is approved with payday but you’re confused about not getting SMS from Sassa team. Understanding the fact that SMS is crucial after approval and not getting it may lead to severe consequences. So, you’re confused about the SMS? Don’t worry, take a deep breath and look at different reasons behind it and solutions to resolve this issue. Don’t forget check out What Time Do Sassa Offices Open?

Top Reasons For SASSA Approved with Payday But No SMS

There are different reasons for SASSA Status approved but no SMS because it isn’t possible to not yet get it done by Sassa. After submitting your application and getting approval for it with payday, you must get an SMS from the Sassa team. The main plus more peaceful aspect here is the problem could also be caused by Sassa’s side, glitches or something like that. If you’re one of them facing this problem, delve into reasons that might help you get SMS from Sassa.

Network Problem

Network problem is the main reason behind not getting SMS from Sassa even after being approved. Due to network issues, you may face delay in delivered messages. Check your network problem properly and see if there’s an SMS or not.

Inaccurate Information

Inaccurate Information is another reason. Ensure that the information you’re probably while filling the application form is accurate and doesn’t have any mistakes in banking details, name, ID, phone number or other personal details. This may lead to not getting SMS from Sassa yet.

Technical Glitches

Technical Glitches might be the reason that you haven’t gotten SMS from the Sassa team. These glitches are from Sassa’s side as their system may not be working properly or facing other problems. Contact Sassa and ensure that your SMS is delayed because of their IT glitches.

Switching Payment Methods

Switching Payment Methods should be the reason for not getting SMS even Sassa approved with payday. If you have switched your account to Shoprite and then again switched your account to post office, this may lead to delay in getting SMS from Sassa.

Updating Banking Details

Updating Banking Details is another reason why you’re not getting SMS. Again and again may confuse the Sassa and they will take time to understand and verify. Don’t update again and again, so that you can get your SMS on time.

Next Steps When Not Getting SMS from SASSA After Approval

What to do Next? If you haven’t gotten SMS after spending a lot of timing in finding reasons and working on them, here are next steps to do when not getting SMS from Sassa after approval with payday. 

Contact Sassa Helpline: You can contact Sassa through helpline or email [email protected] and ask inquire about the Sass status of your SMS.

Visit Sassa Office: If you haven’t received SMS from SMS, visit the nearest Sassa office discuss about your problem with representatives to resolve this problem.

Verify Contact Information: Ensure you have entered correct and up to date personal information. If there’s any mistake, contact Sassa and ask them to update your information.

Report a Complaint: If you have found any corruptions or other things at Post office, you an report a complaint to Sassa to resolve your not getting SMS after approval with payday issues.

Unlock Tips For Not Facing “No SMS” Problem

As you’re now aware of the solution to the No SMS problem and aware of why Sassa approved but no SMS, you must have additional tips in your mind for the future to avoid such problems and ensure getting your Sassa payments on time. These tips will prevent and minimize risks of No SMS problems. So, let’s know some additional tips that might help you avoid future challenges.

  • For avoiding challenges, ensure you have provided accurate details while entering information in application.
  • Ensure that your messages are not blocked in your phone as it may lead to not getting SMS.
  • Add updated banking details to avoid future problems.
  • Register your email address to Sassa, to get notifications on emails too in addition to SMS.
  • You can use USSD code 1203210$ to check application status and payment when there’s no SMS.


Can I contact SASSA online when there’s no SMS?

Yes, you can contact the SASSA helpline 0800601011 to know about the SMS problem.

How long does it take to get SMS after being approved?

The SMS process takes a few days after being approved.

Is there any specific time to get SMS from SASSA after being approved?

No, there isn’t any specific time to get SMS from Sassa after being approved.

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