How Do I Check My SASSA Balance in 2024 – 4 Easy Methods for You

sassa balance check

SASSA balance check in your SASSA account is important to track the amount. Regularly checking your balance helps you to notice any mistake or problem with your account. For example, your payment gets back if your account balance goes over R624. 

If you’ve got a confirmation message about receiving money but didn’t get the amount in your given account, then there might be a mistake in the details you’ve provided like the wrong bank account number. There are many easy ways to check your SASSA Balance. 

Lots of people use two easy quick methods for 350 SASSA balance which is an online or offline method. Because 350 balance check online are done with SRD SASSA govza status check balance check. You can also use ATM to 350 SASSA check balance with SASSA card;

How to Check SASSA Balance in 2024?

There are several quick methods for 350 status check balances in 2024. You can see how much money you have by using your phone’s USSD service, WhatsApp, ATM, or by going to the nearest SASSA office. Also, the easiest ways to check your money are online or with the USSD service on your phone, because you can do it quickly without leaving your place. Many South Africans confirm their SASSA payment dates then check their balance again. In fact, if you want to quick change in your SASSA banking account then instant use SASSA Moya App for free.

how to check sassa balance r350 status

Method 1: 350 SASSA Balance Check Via WhatsApp

To check your SASSA balance using WhatsApp, follow these instructions. Also, this method is helpful for SASSA old age grant, disability grant, grant-in-aid and war veteran grant :

  • SASSA’s official WhatsApp number is 082 046 8553.
  • Save the number in your contact’s list.
  • Type “SASSA” & send it to that support number you’ve saved.
  • Then SASSA staff reply you with four message to provide your basic information
  • Type SRD to apply for the SASSA Social Relief Grant in 2024
  • Type SASSA OTP to retrieve your One Time Pin to access your form
  • Type STATUS for SASSA status check and SASSA balance check
  • Type Check Balance to see frequently asked questions
  • After getting a message, reply with the word “Balance Check”
  • SASSA want your reference number with YES or NO option 
  • Send your valid reference number by tying YES (Send the reference number given on your card. After that, you’ll receive a message with the information you need),
  • But you don’t have any reference number then type “NO Sorry
  • SASSA again ask for ID number and Cell Number
  • Once your provide your ID and Cell Number you will get your currant SASSA balance with status approval

Method 2: Check Balance SASSA Through USSD Code

You can use the following USSD code to check your balance. Follow the given guidelines one by one; 

  • Dial *120*69277# on your mobile phone.
  • Immediately, the prompts appear for SASSA balance check
  • They’ll ask for your details like phone number & ID.
  • After giving your details, wait for a text message.
  • After some seconds, you’ll get a text with your balance details.

If you find that the above USSD code for checking your balance isn’t working, & it’s showing the service is busy or out of reach, there’s a second USSD code you can use.

Moreover, this code serves as an alternative method to check your balance, ensuring you still have access to your account information even when the primary code is unavailable.

  • Dial 1203210# on your phone.
  • Follow all the instructions you see on your screen.
  • Enter your details when asked, like your ID and phone number.
  • Once you’ve entered your information, wait for an SMS.
  • This SMS will tell you how much money you have.

Method 3: Check Balance on SASSA Card 

There are the following steps to check your balance using an ATM card;

  • Go to an ATM near you
  • Put your SASSA Grant Card into the ATM.
  • The machine will ask you for your ATM PIN code.
  • After entering the correct PIN, the machine will go to the next step.
  • Next, pick the “Balance inquiry” option to check your balance.
  • Now, the machine will ask if you want a receipt or not.
  • If you choose no, your balance will show on the screen. If you choose yes, your balance will be printed on the receipt.
SASSA Balance check on SASSA Card

Method 4: SASSA Check Balance Through Post Office

You can check your SASSA Balance at the post office by following the below steps;

  • Visit your nearby post office.
  • Go to the counter & give them your SASSA card & ID.
  • Ask the person at the counter to check your SASSA money.
  • The person will check your balance & let you know how much is available in your account.
SASSA Balance Check Through Post Office

How to Check SASSA Balance R350 Status In Person?

You can check your SASSA balance by visiting any office near your house. Follow the below step;

  • You can go to a SASSA office to check your balance.
  • Ensure you carry your ID and SASSA card.
  • They will help you see how much money you have.
Balance sassa

SASSA workers must see your ID papers to check who you are. After they check your details, they’ll tell you everything about your application or in reapplication and how much money you have in your SASSA account. Checking your money using your phone when possible is a good idea. Going to a SASSA office might take a lot of time because of the long lines. On the other hand, if you’re applicable for SASSA foster child grant, child support grant, and care dependency grant then you can also check your grant with this method.

How Do I Check My SASSA Balance Without Airtime?

You can check your balance even if you don’t have airtime. But if your SASSA Status Pending then you need to confirm your pending reason then use this method. So, I’ll tell you some ways below. 

Use USSD Code: Dial 1203210# from your phone. This service doesn’t require airtime & internet and is available 24/7.

Visit SASSA Office: If you can’t use your phone, go directly to a SASSA office. Bring your ID and SASSA card, and ask them to check your balance.

Key Points of SASSA Check Balance for R350 in 2024

  • Use the Right Phone Number: Check your balance with the USSD code on the phone number you used for your SASSA account.
  • Small Fee Possible: Depending on your phone service, you might be charged a little bit for checking your balance with USSD.
  • Check for Free: You can check your balance without paying at a SASSA office or with an ATM.
  • Keep Balance Low: Your SASSA balance should not be more than R624.
  • Too Much Money, No Grant: If you have more than R624, you won’t get your grant for that month, and SASSA will take back the money.


The USSD code 130 is not for checking SASSA balances. It’s actually for Cell mobile services, not SASSA. To check your balance correctly, use the proper ways, like the SASSA website, via WhatsApp, USSD codes, or by visiting the SASSA office.

If you face any problem with your SASSA account, going to a SASSA office near you is a good idea. Make sure to carry your ID and SASSA card. At the office, ask the customer service team for help. They will look into your account and help fix any problems.

You can look at your SASSA balance online in some ways: using your phone’s USSD service with WhatsApp. The easiest methods are online or through USSD because you can do it quickly without leaving your house.

You have two options: You can go to any SASSA service center near you to check about your grant balance without needing any airtime. If you have a SASSA Gold Card, you can use it at any ATM to check your balance, which also does not require airtime.

Yes, checking your SASSA balance with USSD might cost a small fee, which varies depending on your mobile network provider. If you want to check your balance for free, you can visit a SASSA office or use an ATM.

You can apply the same techniques to determine the balances for all SASSA grants.

The bottom Line

You can check how much balance you have in your account using different ways like using a website, sending a WhatsApp message, dialing a USSD code on your phone, using an ATM, visiting a SASSA office, or at the post office. 

If you have a problem, just go to a SASSA office with your ID and card, and they’ll help you. This way, you can always know how much money you have and make sure everything is okay. Also, if you face any problem then contact SASSA for free.