How to Change Banking Details For SASSA In 2024 – All You Need to Know?

sassa change banking detail

You can quickly go for SASSA SRD change banking details online. With a phone call, or by sending an email to the SASSA officials. This process ensures that your SRD grant money goes to the correct account without any problem. Keeping your 350 bank details update with SASSA is important for receiving your cash without delays.

In this article, I’ll cover everything about updating bank details with SASSA changing SASSA Srd banking details. And, the whole process of changing banking details with the Moya app SASSA.

Process of SASSA Change Banking Detail In 2024

If you’re getting the SRD grant from SASSA, it’s important to keep your bank info up to date. This helps you get your money without any problem. Whether you need to add new bank details to SASSA for the first time or change them because your bank info has changed, this article will help you. 

Process of SASSA Change Banking Detail In 2024

We’ll show you how to add banking details for SASSA. That make a SASSA banking details change, or do a 350 update banking details. This way, you can make sure your grant money comes to you without having any problem. There are following steps which you can follow for 350 grant update bank details.

METHOD 1: Visit Official Website For SRd SASSA Change Banking Details

  • You can visit the official website of SASSA by clicking on the given link.
  •  After going to the website you’ve to login by using your personal details like ID number & account number that you used at the time of registration. 
  • After logging in, you will get access to your personal dashboard by SASSA & there you can change banking details sassa r350 easily.
  • If you don’t have the SASSA account then for Srd Sassa change banking details you have to create one account.

SASSA R350 Change Banking Details Method For Asylum Seekers & Special Permit Holder

If you are a special permit holder or an asylum seeker getting the social grant from SASSA then you have to follow the below steps for SASSA change banking details for r350.

Mention Your File Number: The SASSA will provide asylum seekers a special number. You have to provide that number to change 350 banking details.

Provide Your Passport Number: You have to mention your passport number that is written on your passport. This will help you to change account number SASSA.

Give Your Cell Phone Number: You have to provide the phone number that is currently active. You can receive messages if SASSA sends any kind of OTP or notifications.

Use Same Information: Make sure to use the same file number, passport number. And phone number that you gave when you firstly applied for the grant.

13 Digit ID Card Number: You have to provide only a 13 digit ID card number that you have used at the time of registration. This will help you to change your SASSA banking details.

METHOD 2: Click On The Section Of Change Banking Details

Here’s some simple steps to help you through each step of updating your banking details on the SASSA web portal.

  • Account Log In: First, go to the website and sign in using your username and password.
  • Go To The Right Section: After you’re logged in, search for a section of “Change Banking Details.” That’s exactly where you can change your banking details.
  • Change Your Personal Details: Once you’re in the “Change Banking Details” section, there will be a place to enter your new bank details. Be sure to fill in all the necessary information correctly, so your grant payments are sent to the correct account without any issues.

Click On The Section Of Change Banking Details

METHOD 3: Application And Your Identity Verification

You have to give the proof for your identity verification & then the process of banking details. SASSA Srd update will start so you can easily change your banking information. There are two types of people for identity verification; asylum seekers & citizens.

For Asylum Seekers

If you’re an asylum seeker or have a special permit, here’s what you need to know to get your payments:

  • Give Your File Number: This is a special number for your asylum case.
  • Provide Your Passport Number: The number in your passport.
  • Share Your Phone Number: The number where you can be reached.
  • Pick ‘n Pay Stores: You can only pick up your money at Pick ‘n Pay stores. You cannot get it in a bank account. Remember to bring your ID when you go to get your money.

For South African Citizens

Provide ID Number: You have to provide a 13 digit bar coded ID card for your identity verification.

After providing your documents and identity number. You will get an SMS on your provided mobile number for the verification before changing bank details. In the message, there will be a link, and after clicking on that link. You will be redirected to start your bank detail updating process.

METHOD 4: Choose Your Payment Method

When you receive a secure link sent to your registered mobile number, here’s a simple guide on what to do next:

  • Open the Link: Click on the secure link sent to your phone.
  • Follow The Steps: You’ll see instructions on your screen. They’re easy to follow. Just do what they say, step by step.
  • Choose How To Get Your Money: If you don’t want your payments in a bank, you can have the option to get your money at a Post Office or through a cash send service.
  • For Bank Payments: Since you’re here to update your bank details, pick the bank payment option.
  • Giving Your Bank Details: Next, you’ll be asked for your bank account details. Make sure this account is registered on your own name. SASSA needs this to send your grant money in the right place. They can’t send the money to someone else’s account.

METHOD 5: Double Check The Details & Click On Submit

After entering all your details, you have to make sure that you double check and review all your information carefully. Making sure of checking your details will help you to avoid any kind of issue in the future. When you will be sure that each & every little detail is correct & error free, then click on the “submit” button.

SASSA Change Banking Details VIA Call Number

Sometimes, using the online website to change your banking details might not be an option. In such cases, calling SASSA directly is the best choice. Follow the below steps for an easy method.

SASSA Change Banking Details VIA Call Number

Toll-Free Number

Dial 0800 60 10 11 to call the SASSA call centre. This call is free of cost if you’re calling  within South Africa. It’s a good idea to have your details ready before you make the call to save time.

Talk To The Agent

Once connected on the call, let the agent know that you’re calling to update your banking details for your grant. You’ll need to give them your ID number and some information about your grant. This helps them find your records quickly.

Provide New Bank Details

Tell the agent your new bank’s name, the branch code, your account number, and what type of account it is (like savings or checking). It’s very important to speak clearly and slowly, so there’s no confusion. 

Confirm Your Information

After you’ve given all your new banking information, the agent will repeat it back to you. Listen carefully to make sure everything is correct. This is your chance to find any mistakes.

Immediate Corrections

If you notice any details are wrong when the agent reads them back, tell them right away. It’s necessary to fix any errors immediately to ensure your grant money goes to the right account.

How To Change Banking Details For SASSA R350 Through Email/Postal Email

You can also change your banking details with the help of Email as well.

How To Change Banking Details For SASSA R350 Through Email/Postal Email

Through Email

  • Send an Email: Write an email to [email protected] with your new banking information. This is the official email address for SASSA.
  • Subject Line: Make sure your email subject is “Banking Detail Change Request.” This helps ensure your email is noticed by the SASSA team.
  • Include Your Information: In the body of the email, add your personal details such as your ID number, the type of grant you receive, and a contact number. Then, clearly mention your new banking details, including the bank name, branch code, account number, and the type of account.

In the body of the email, add your personal details such as your ID number, the type of grant you receive, and a contact number. Then, clearly mention your new banking details, including the bank name, branch code, account number, and the type of account.

Through Postal Email

  • Write a Letter: Write a handwritten type of letter and write your request to change your banking details.
  • Send To SASSA: Mail this letter to the nearest SASSA office. Make sure to send it to the banking department.
  • Include Necessary Documents: With your letter, include photocopies of your ID and any other relevant documents that support your request. This might include a bank statement or a letter from your bank confirming your new account details.

SASSA Change Bank Details In Person

You can change your banking details by visiting a SASSA office in person. This method is direct and allows you to get help from a SASSA agent.

SASSA Change Bank Details In Person
  • Go to the SASSA office that is near your house.
  • Make sure, you bring all the documents with you which are necessary.
  • Give the agent all the necessary information about your new bank account. 
  • SASSA required five to seven days to check your provided details & to verify your information & documents. Sometimes, the verification process will take much time if SASSA has thousands of applications for verification.


To update your SASSA banking details, you can either visit their website, call them at 0800 60 10 11, email [email protected], send a letter to a SASSA office, or go in person with your ID and bank documents. 

No, there will not be any issue. You will get your grant payments in your old account until the new account gets verified.

They can take almost a week to verify new accounts.


Lastly, updating your banking details for SASSA grants, including the SRD grant, is a simple process that ensures your grant payments are given to the right account. Whether you’re changing your details due to a closed account. Personal detail changes, or any other reason, SASSA provides multiple methods to update your information. 

You can choose to update your details online, via phone, email, postal mail, or in person, depending on what’s most suitable for you. Remember, it’s important to use consistent information that matches your application to avoid delays. By keeping your banking details current with SASSA. You can avoid fraud and ensure that you receive your grant payments on time and without any issues.

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