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SASSA eform

SASSA eforms are required when submitting the grant application. They are designed to make the application process easy for South Africans. Anyone can get these forms from SASSA’s online portal. Each grant has different forms, so you have to choose the right form when applying for the grant. 

Download Latest SASSA Eforms

There are many kinds of eforms SASSA such as bank forms, consent forms, and affidavit forms. You must have the documents required by SASSA along with the forms. These SASSA forms are available online and you can print them as well. You can take these forms at SASSA offices by visiting physically. But downloading and printing the forms yourself will save time and energy.

Latest Form for SASSA Disability Grant

Latest Form for SASSA Old Age Grant

Latest Form for SASSA Foster Child Grant

Latest Form for SASSA Care Dependency Grant

Latest Form for SASSA Child Support Grant

Latest Form for SASSA Grant in Aid

Latest Form for SASSA Grant in Aid

Latest Form for SASSA Reapplication

Latest Form for SASSA Reconsideration 

Latest Form for SASSA Bank Payment 

Latest Form for Proof School Attendance

Affidavit Grant Eforms SASSA 

There are many affidavit forms by SASSA. These forms are according to your grant. You can download the forms according to your grant.

Care Dependency Grant Affidavit Form

If you’re applying for the care dependency grant, you must download or print this form to fill in all your details. SASSA needs this form from your side so they can verify all the details about yourself, such as your marital status and source of income.

Child Support Affidavit Form

The child support form is for the child grant. If you are applying for the child grant for your own child or applying on someone else’s behalf, you must download this form. After downloading, you have to fill in every detail, such as your ID card number, marital status, earning source, and details about the child, like his school level.

Old Age Grant Affidavit Form

If you’re applying for the older people grant, you need to fill out this form. It asks about identity verification, whether you’re married, your income source (such as a job or other sources), and where you live. 

You’ll also need to provide proof of the information, such as your official ID card. This helps SASSA ensure that the grant money goes to needy people who cannot fulfil their basic needs.

Foster Child Grant Affidavit Form

If you are applying for a foster grant for the child, you must download the foster child affidavit form. Along with this form, you have to provide the court order that you are the legal foster parent of the child.

Affidavit Form For Grant In Aid

If you want to apply for grant-in-aid, you must download a form, fill it with your details, and send it to the SASSA. But remember, you can only apply for grant in aid if you are getting an older age grant or the disability grant. SASSA will check and verify all the details on the form you send to them so they can ensure that everything about you is correct. 

SASSA Register

The eForms register online is a system where you can sign up using the eforms login feature. This system is used to get access and fill out electronic forms (eForms) for applying for social grants given by the South African Social Security Agency to the citizens of South Africa. 

By registering, you create an account on the eforms new website. After creating an account, you can apply for many kinds of government grants.

Eforms Application For SASSA

The eForms application allows you to fill and submit online forms to get money support from the South African government. You don’t need to physically visit SASSA’s offices to get help.

Appeal Forms SASSA

The appeal forms are used when the SASSA rejects your application. If you think you are eligible for the grant, you must appeal to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) by using the appeal form.

Latest Version Form: 01 June 2022-2024 (Form Of Lodging An Appeal)

This is the latest version of the SASSA appeal forms. If you are appealing against the SASSA decision, you must put all your details in this form. There are also versions of 2017 and 2019, but they were valid before 1 June.

Additional SASSA Forms

Besides SASSA affidavit forms, you might need many other sassa forms to submit your application. Below are some other forms.

Bank Payment Consent Form

If you want to receive your grant payment into your bank account directly, you must submit this form.

Reconsideration Form

If the SASSA has rejected your application, you must enter your details in this form and submit it. They will reconsider your application after you submit it.

Reapplication Form

Unfortunately, you were not eligible for the grant or forgot to apply by SASSA on the given date. In that case, you can use the reapplication form to reapply for the grant

School Attendance Form

When you apply for a child support grant, it’s a good idea to include this form if the child is in school and aged between 7 and 18. While it’s not necessary, still the government recommends it.

Form Of Referral Medical Assistant

If you’re applying for a disability grant, child support grant, grant-in-aid, or any other grant where you need to show your medical situation, you must use this form.


Yes, you can download all Sassa eforms without any issue from the official SASSA website.

No, you need specific affidavit forms for different grants. Please download and use the right form for the grant you’re applying for. If you’re not sure which form is right, you can go to the closest SASSA office for help or call them for free at 0800 60 10 11.

You can download and submit all SASSA forms online on the official website.


Overall, SASSA e-Forms are a simple way for South Africans to apply for many grants, including child support, disability, old age, and foster care grants. These forms are available on the SASSA website online. You must pick the right form according to your grant, fill it out, and send it online. This way, you don’t have to go to the SASSA office & it saves your time and effort.

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