What To Do With SASSA OTP Code In 2024 – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide


The SASSA OTP code is a One Time Pin that is sent to your registered phone number each time. You try to access your SASSA grant account or make changes to your personal details. This unique pin code, which changes every time, is used to verify your identity. And, it makes sure that it is really you who is making the changes or trying to access the account. The OTP is valid for only 15 minutes, so it is important to use it quickly. That is why it is important to have your phone nearby when you log into your SASSA account. This way, you can quickly receive and enter your PIN code without any delay.

SASSA uses the OTP system to increase the security of your grant. They make sure that only authorized users can access or update their grant information. So, when you need to make changes to your SASSA grant details like updating banking information, personal details, or changing your phone number. It is necessary to have your mobile phone close by.

The OTP will be sent to your registered phone number. And, you will need to enter it to access your account and to make any changes in your information.  In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about the SASSA OTP . I’ll explain when and where it’s used, how to receive the code, how long it’s valid for, and what steps to take if you don’t receive it.

How Can I Receive SASSA OTP Code?

When you log into your SASSA account and enter all the required details. You will need to press the login button. After clicking on the login button, a special OTP (One Time Pin) is sent to your registered phone number. This OTP is unique for each login whenever you try to log in to your account and is only valid for about 15 minutes. After that time, the OTP expires and cannot be used again to login your account. So, you must use the code quickly that is sent to your registered phone number to access your account.

There are two main ways to update your details and receive the OTP code when you are logging in your SASSA account.

METHOD 1: SASSA SRD Official Website

The main way to update your information or apply for grants is by using the SRD website or the SASSA services web portal. On the official website of SASSA, you can manage all your activities related to your SASSA grant online. On the website, you can easily make changes to your details, apply for new grants, and can check the status of your application, 

METHO 2: SASSA WhatsApp Number

You can also apply for an SRD grant or update your information using SASSA’s WhatsApp number. When you use WhatsApp for these tasks, the OTP is required to verify any changes or applications. The OTP is sent directly to your registered phone number through WhatsApp. This makes it easy to receive and use the OTP quickly while using your mobile phone.

SASSA WhatsApp Number

Both the SRD website and the SASSA WhatsApp methods are secure ways to manage your account. They use the OTP system to verify any changes or applications, ensuring that your account and personal information are safe. This OTP verification gives an extra level of security to avoid any unauthorized access and maintain the safety of your data.

METHOD 3: Validation Of SASSA OTP Code

The SASSA code is valid for only 15 minutes as a security step to protect your account. This short validity period means that if someone else sends the OTP, it won’t be useful after 15 minutes, and it will decrease the chance of unauthorized access.

Therefore, it’s important to have your phone close when you request an OTP and you have to use it quickly once you receive it. If you don’t use the OTP within 15 minutes and it expires, you will need to request a new one to continue with your application or updating your details. Keeping your phone close to you and using the OTP instantly makes sure that your account remains secure and your changes can be completed without delay.

What To Do If I Don’t Receive OTP?

If you don’t receive the OTP right after requesting it, it’s important to wait the full 15 minutes before trying again. If, after several attempts, the OTP still hasn’t been received, or if you’ve entered the wrong OTP multiple times, SASSA will display a message that, Already requested, try again after 24 hours.

What To Do If I Don’t Receive OTP

Solution Of Not Receiving OTP Code

If you are facing issues receiving your OTP, here are some steps you can take to resolve the problem.

Wait 24 Hours

If your account is locked out after too many attempts, wait 24 hours before trying to request a new OTP.

Check Network Signal

Make sure you are in an area with a good network signal when you request the OTP. This helps ensure you receive the OTP fastly.

Verify Your Phone Number

Double-check that the phone number you’re using to request the OTP is the same one you registered with SASSA. This is crucial because the OTP will be sent only to the registered number.

Contact SASSA

If you’ve followed all the above steps and still haven’t received the OTP, call the SASSA helpline at 0800 601 011 for further assistance. They can help identify and solve any issues with your OTP delivery.

When I Need SASSA OTP Code?

The SASSA OTP (One Time Pin) is necessary whenever you want to access your SASSA grant account. SASSA always requires secure verification. This includes when you’re applying for a new grant or updating any details related to your existing grant. Here are some specific times where you will need the OTP.

The SASSA OTP (One Time Pin) is necessary whenever you want to access your SASSA grant account. SASSA always requires secure verification. This includes when you’re applying for a new grant or updating any details related to your existing grant. Here are some specific times where you will need the OTP.

sassa otp code receive

Applying for a New Grant

When you are applying to get a grant from SASSA and you are filling out the application form for a new SASSA grant, you will need to verify your identity with an OTP code.

Updating Personal Information

If you want to make any changes to your name, address, or other personal details, your SASSA account will be open after an OTP verification.

Changing Bank Details

If you need to update your banking information or account that is linked to your grant payments, an OTP will be sent to confirm your identity so SASSA will allow you to make these changes.

Resetting Passwords

Resetting your account password or making security changes also requires OTP verification to ensure security.

Changing Phone Number

If you want to change your phone number then you have to confirm your identity by entering the OTP code that will be received on the phone number you have given at the time of registration.

Re Appeal Or Appeal For The Grant

If you want to re-appeal the decision of SASSA in case your grant is rejected, you need to enter an OTP to login to your account. 

Canceling Grant

If you want to cancel your SASSA grant because your financial condition is improved now, then to make a request for canceling the grant also requires an OTP code to verify the identity.

Reinstating Grant

If you want to apply for reinstating your canceled SASSA grant, you need an OTP code. In all these cases, the OTP is required by the SASSA. It helps SASSA to protect your account by making sure that only you can make these important changes.


No, the SASSA OTP is for single use only and has a validity period of up to 15 minutes. Once you use it for one authentication attempt, it cannot be reused for another.

You should contact SASSA directly for help. Call the official SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11 and explain the issue you’re facing and they will guide you. 

Yes, you can change your registered phone number for receiving SASSA OTPs. To update your phone number, you need to visit the SASSA official website. There, you can log into your account and update your contact details. This method will ensure that all future OTPs are sent to your new phone number, allowing you to continue accessing your SASSA services without facing any issue.

Final Takeaway

The SASSA OTP (One Time Pin) is a main security feature that makes sure only you can login into your grant account or make changes to your details. Every time you want to do any kind of changes into your account. Like apply for a grant, update your personal info, change your banking details, or reinstate a canceled grant. You get an OTP from SASSA on your phone to confirm your identity. This OTP lasts for just 15 minutes, so you need to enter it fastly and make sure your phone is ready to receive it.

Using this OTP system, SASSA keeps your account safe from others who shouldn’t get in, protecting. Your personal and financial information. You can interact with SASSA whether you’re using their website or WhatsApp. If you’re having trouble getting your OTP, then steps like checking your phone’s network signal.

Making sure your phone number is correct, or waiting a bit before trying again can help fix the issue. If you still have problems, you can always call SASSA’s helpline for help. Also, this way of using OTPs not only keeps your information safe. But also makes SASSA grants easy and secure for everyone.

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