SASSA Payment Status Check for April 2024

SASSA Payment Dates for April 2024

In April 2024, SASSA announced the confirmed grant dates, and applicants will collect their grants this month. This month’s grant is available for SASSA older age, child support, foster child, care dependency and SRD grant applicants. But if you’re an applicant of War veteran. Then you need to wait until May 7th to collect your grant.

You will only have to wait a little bit, and the wait is almost over. Because the SASSA grant money for April 2024 will start being given out to the people on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024.

In this article, I am going to provide you with crucial information. About the payment dates for the SASSA grants in April. This knowledge will equip you with all the necessary details about SASSA payment dates, ensuring you are well-prepared. 

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SASSA Payment Dates For April 2024

The dates when SASSA grants are paid in April can change depending on what type of grant you receive. And, how you’re getting the grant money (like through banks, stores, or cash spots). SASSA works to make sure all payments are sent out fast and without any problem.

SASSA Payment Status Check for April 2024
Old Person Grant Amount and Payday dateR2,08503/04/2024
Disability Grant Amount and Payday dateR2,08504/04/2024
Child Support Grant Amount and Payday dateR53005/04/2024
Foster Child Grant Amount and Payday dateR1,12505/04/2024
Care Dependency Grant Amount and Payday dateR2,08505/04/2024
War Veterans Grant Amount and Payday dateR2,0857 May 2024
SRD Grant recipients Amount and Payday dateR35025 – 29 April

Individuals who receive the Old Age Grant will receive their payments on the 3rd of April, 2024. People getting the Disability Grant will get their money on April 4, 2024. Those who are receiving Child Support, Foster Care Grant, and Care Dependency Grants will receive their payments. On the 5th of April, 2024

People who qualify for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant. Will get their payments from April 25 to April 29, 2024. If you’re waiting for the SRD R350 grant. You should keep checking your SASSA status often to know the exact day your money will be given.

Reasons Affecting SASSA Payment Dates For April

Even though SASSA tries to follow a set schedule for payments, a few things can change the exact dates when payments are given. These reasons include:

Reasons Affecting SASSA Payment Dates For April

Public Holidays

SASSA schedules payment dates keeping public holidays in mind and adjusts the dates if there is need. They try to pick the dates when there is no public holiday. But if there is a holiday, SASSA will change the date. They will either give the payment a day before the holiday or a day after, so everyone can get their money without any issue.

Changes In Administration

Sometimes SASSA needs to update the process they work. So, there is a chance that they will change the payment dates. They try to make sure any changes don’t cause too much of a problem. When there’s a need to change payment dates, they’ll make sure to inform everyone right away.

Weekend Holidays

SASSA plans payments with weekends in mind. If a payment date ends up being on a weekend, they’ll change it to the weekday right before or after the weekend.

Unexpected Circumstances

Sometimes, unexpected things like computer issues or bad weather can happen. If this happens, SASSA may have to change the dates to fix the issue.

Amount Of SASSA April Grant Payments

Grant NameGrant Amount
Old Age Grant (60 to 75 years old)R2,085
Old Age Grant (75 & Above 75)R2,085
SRD R350 GrantR370
Foster Child GrantR1,125
War Veterans GrantR2,085
Child Support GrantR530
Disability GrantR2,085

Necessary Steps To Keep Receiving SASSA April Payments

There are following steps you need to follow to keep getting the payment from sassa.

Check Payment Status On Regular Basis

You have to make sure to regularly visit the official website of sassa or use the mobile app to keep track of your payment status. This way, you’ll know if your the dates of your grant and if there are any changes to your grant details.

Updated Information And Details

It is very important to keep your information or personal details updated. If there is any change in your address, phone number or anything important, please make sure to inform sassa so you do not face any issue in receiving your grant.

Keep Sassa Card Safe

Your SASSA card is just like any bank card you use. Remember to keep your PIN safe and don’t share it with anyone. If your card goes missing, you need to report it as soon as possible to sassa to avoid any problems. 

Protection Against Scams

You have to keep yourself careful always because some people might try to scam those people who are getting grants from sassa. You should know that you’ll never have to give out personal info or pay money to anyone to get your grant. If someone asks for your personal information, it’s a scam.

Stay Updated About Payment Dates

You have to keep yourself updated about the payment dates. This helps you to plan how you will use your money better.

How To Check SASSA April Grant Payment Status?

How To Check SASSA April Grant Payment Status?
  • You have to go to visit the SASSA official website.
  • If you already have an account, you can log into your account. Use your username and password for the login that you have created while applying for the grant.
  • If you’re new and have not registered before, click on the Register button. Fill out the form with your ID number and your personal information.
  • Once you’re logged in, look for a section of Payment Status or something similar and select it.
  • Here, you can see information about your grant, like when the payment will be given and its current status.
  • Remember, payment info might change, so it’s a good idea to keep checking for the newest updates.
  • If you face any kind of problem or have questions, you can get help from SASSA.

Getting Ready for Payment Days For April

To make sure everything goes smoothly when it’s time to get your payment, follow the below given steps.

Check Your Balance

Before you go to withdraw your money, it’s a good idea to look at your grant balance on the internet if you can. This lets you see if the money is already in your bank account and helps you to decide how much you want to take out of the bank.

Be Careful with Cash Withdrawals

When you’re withdrawing cash, try to do it quietly and don’t show your money. This helps lower the chance of someone trying to steal from you.

Protect Your Card and PIN

Make sure to always keep your SASSA card secure and never tell anyone your PIN code. This way, you will keep yourself safe from any issue. 


The SASSA will start giving grant payments for April 2024 on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024.

The April 2024 payment schedule includes several types of grants, such as the Old Age Grant, Disability Grant, Child Support Grant, Foster Care Grant, Care Dependency Grant, and the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant.

If you qualify for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant, you will get your payments from April 25th to April 29th, 2024. It’s important to regularly check your SASSA status to stay updated on the specific day your payment will be given to you.

To get the latest updates on payment dates, you can visit the official SASSA website, get in touch with your local SASSA office, or follow SASSA on their social media platforms. These are the best ways to stay informed about any changes or announcements related to payment schedules.

Yes, there could be some reasons for changing SASSA dates.

The Bottom Line

If you’re waiting for money from SASSA, then April’s payments will start on April 3rd, 2024. We’ve discussed the different kinds of grants SASSA gives, like money for older people, those who can’t work because of health reasons, kids, and families in need.

Sometimes, payment dates might change because of holidays, or unexpected events. So, it’s good to keep checking the payment dates. Also, checking payment dates regularly can help you manage your schedule better. If you have questions or want to check on your money, you can always use SASSA’s website.

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