SASSA Payment Dates for July 2024

SASSA Payment Dates for July 2024
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SASSA officials announced the July 2024 payment dates for their SASSA applicants, you just need to check your pay date or new grant amount. Because if you’re an applicant of SASSA old age grant then you will collect your grant on Tuesday 2nd July 2024, disabled persons can collect their grant on the next day 3rd July 2024 on Wednesday. And, if you apply for a SASSA child support grant then you can collect on Friday 5th July 2024.

Moreover, if you’re an applicant of SASSA foster child, care dependency, or War veterans then you can collect payment on 5th July 2024 and the day is Friday. So, If you want know more about your grant new payment dates then read this guide completely;

SASSA Applicants AmountsPay DaysPay dates
Old Person Grant Payment and Pay dateR2,180Tuesday02/07/2024
Disability Grant Payment and Pay dateR2,180Wednesday03/07/2024
Child Support Grant Payment and Pay dateR530Friday05/07/2024
Foster Child Grant Payment and Pay dateR1 180Friday05/07/2024
Care Dependency Grant Payment and Pay date R1 180Friday05/07/2024
War Veterans Grant Payment and Pay dateR1 200Friday05/07/2024
SRD Grant recipients Payment and Pay dateR350Thursday – Wednesday25 – 31 July

SASSA Payment Dates for July 2024

Now you can check your grant status with July payment dates from this website. Just enter your verified ID number and mobile number and your will get your status results;

SASSA Payment Dates for July 2024

SASSA old Age grant July Payment Date 2024

On Tuesday 2nd July 2024 you can collect your SASSA older age grant easily. But make sure you check your grant status, it’ll be approved or not in July 2024.

SASSA Disability Grant July Payment Date 2024

The Wednesday day announced for SASSA disability grant payment on 3rd July 2024. Visit the post office and collect your SASSA grant, but make sure you‚Äôve confirmation message of SASSA status approved please check SASSA Status on this website. 

SASSA Child Support Grant Payment Date July 2024

If your SASSA child support grant status is approved for July 2024 payment date then visit the post office on Friday 5th July 2024. Before visiting, you need to check your SASSA balance and wait for a confirmation message. 

SASSA Foster Child Grant Payment Date July 2024

On the similar day and date you can collect your Foster child grant, visit your post office or boxer office on Friday 5th July 2024 and receive your July 2024 grant for your foster child.

SASSA Care Dependency Grant Payment Date July 2024

If your care dependency grant is approved July 2024 then you will get your SASSA grant on a similar child support grant which is Friday 5th July 2024.

SASSA War Veterans Grant July Payment Date

SASSA also announced a War Veterans grant in July 2024 and you can collect your SASSA veterans grant on 5th July 2024.

SASSA SRD Grant July Payment Date 2024

SASSA has not confirmed the exact date for SRD R350 grant payment dates but you can collect your grant between 25 to 31 July in 2024. In fact, the grant amount is R350 in July 2024.

Amount of SASSA July Payment Dates 2024

SASSA also provides the new grant amount that will help more SASSA applicants in future due to inflammation;

Amount of SASSA July Payment Dates 2024

SASSA Old Age July Grant Amount in 2024

The amount of SASSA older age grant is divided into two parts which means if your age is between 64 to 74 then you’ll get R2,180 grant amount. But if your age is more than 75+ then you will receive R2, 200 grant easily.

SASSA Disability July Grant Amount in 2024

On 3rd July 2024, SASSA disabled applicants collected the amount R2,180 in July 2024. This amount will increase more after October 2024.

SASSA Child Support July Grant Amount in 2024

Now parents will collect their child support grant amount which is R530 in 2024

SASSA Foster Child July Grant Amount in 2024

Now parents can receive foster child grant amount on same date, which is R1, 180 in 2024

SASSA Care Dependency July Grant Amount in 2024

SASSA provide similar grant amount of care dependency applicant which is R1, 180 in 2024

SASSA War Veterans July Amount in 2024

In this month, SASSA provides a War veterans grant which amounts to R1, 200 in 2024. 

How to Check SASSA July Payment Balance Online In 2024?

Use the USSD code below to check your balance. Then, follow the instructions one by one.

  • Dial *120*69277# from your mobile.
  • The prompts for SASSA balance checking appear immediately
  • You’ll be asked for details such as your phone number and ID.
  • Wait for a message to arrive after you have entered your information.
  • You’ll receive a text message with the balance details after a few seconds.

You can use a second USSD Code if the code above for checking your balance doesn’t work or shows that the service is out of reach. Also, this code can also be used to check the balance of your account if your primary code is not available.

How to Check SASSA July Payment Balance Online In 2024?

SASSA July 2024 Balance Check Through Post Office

Follow the steps below to check your SASSA balance at the Post Office.

  • Visit the nearest post office.
  • You can also present your SASSA ID and card at the counter.
  • Check your SASSA money with the person behind the counter.
  • The person will then check your balance and let you know the amount of money available in your account.

SASSA July Payment Check Via ATM Card

You can check your balance by using a card ATM.

  • Find a nearby ATM
  • Use your SASSA Grant card at the ATM.
  • You will be asked to enter your ATM PIN code.
  • The machine will proceed to the next stage after you have entered the correct PIN.
  • Select “Balance Inquiry” to check your account balance.
  • The machine will now ask you if a receipt is required.
  • Your balance will be displayed on the screen if you select no. If you select yes, the balance will appear on your receipt.
  • Dial 1203210# from your mobile.
  • Follow the instructions on your screen.
  • When asked for your ID number and your phone number, enter them.
  • Wait for an SMS after you have entered your details.
  • This SMS will let you know how much money you currently have.

Importance of SASSA Balance Check

  • Use The Right Phone Number:¬†You can check your balance by using the USSD code to the phone number that you use for your SASSA Account.
  • A Small Fee Could Be Charged:¬†Your phone service may charge you a small fee for using USSD to check your balance.
  • Check Free:¬†At a SASSA Office or an ATM, you can check your account balance for free.
  • Maintain a low balance:¬†Your SASSA balance should be no more than R624.
  • Too much money, no grant:¬†If your monthly grant is more than R624, SASSA will not give you the money.

SASSA Status Check for July Payment Dates Via WhatsApp

  • If you are unable to access the online portal, you can still check the status of your application using WhatsApp.
  • Search for this number on WhatsApp by saving it to your contact list with SASSA status.
  • You can also send the text ” SASSA” to the number.
  • Your request will be automatically answered.
  • Reply with the words ” Status
  • If you typed NO, please enter your current reference number. If you have a reference number, then enter it.
  • Please provide your cell phone number again and make sure that the number has been approved on SASSA.
  • You will receive an email from SASSA confirming the current status of your grant
sassa money collection

SASSA July Payment Dates Check Via Moya App

Download the Moya App application to your mobile device. Download the Moya App SASSA 350 on any mobile platform.

  • Step 1: Install the app and launch it.¬†Login to your account if you have one.¬†If you are downloading the app for the first time, you must register.¬†This application requires a cell phone with an OTP message.¬†Enter your name and the OTP code in the app.
  • Step 2:¬†Click on the Discovery icon at the bottom of the app.¬†Click ”¬†Money & Services“.¬†Now¬†you¬†will see a list of government and financial services.¬†Click on ”¬†SASSA Relief” and then ”¬†Status.”¬†The SASSA Status Check will be displayed.
  • Step 3:¬†Enter your valid ID number. Then click on the submit button.¬†You can check if your application was accepted or rejected or if any issues exist. That’s all!¬†In just a few easy steps, you have now learned how to check the status of your SRD using the Moya app.¬†You can check the status of grants such as grants for¬†Children¬†or grants for old age.

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