SASSA Payment Dates For May 2024

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In MAY 2024, SASSA announced new payment dates for their applicants and now you can collect your older age grant on 3 May 2024, your disability grant date 6 May 2024, and your Child support grant payment date is 7 May 2024. On the other hand, you can also collect your foster child, war veterans, or care dependency grant on 7 May 2024. But your SASSA SRD grant is date between 25 to 30 May 2024.

So, here is a complete guide for those SASSA applicants who don’t know how to check and collect their May payment dates in 2024. 

SASSA Payment Dates for May 2024

Now you can get your SASSA May payment dates table with the latest grant amount which will help to collect the right amount that SASSA announced in May 2024.

Old Person Grant Amount and Payday dateR2,08503/05/2024
Disability Grant Amount and Payday dateR2,18006/05/2024
Child Support Grant Amount and Payday dateR53007/05/2024
Foster Child Grant Amount and Payday dateR1,12507/05/2024
Care Dependency Grant Amount and Payday dateR2,0857 May 2024
War Veterans Grant Amount and Payday dateR2,0857 May 2024
SRD Grant recipients Amount and Payday dateR35025-30 May

SASSA Old Age Grant May Payment Date 2024

You can easily collect your SASSA old age grant on Friday 3 May 2024 and you can get the new grant amount which is R2,085 in May 2024.

SASSA Disability Grant May Payment Date 2024

SASSA announced the grant payday for disabled persons which is Monday 6 May 2024. Plus, you’ll get the extra grant amount compared to the previous one which is R2,180 in May 2024.

SASSA Child Support Grant Payment Date May 2024

Now parents collect their child support grant on Tuesday 7 May 2024. And, the grant amount isn’t increased which is similar to the April grant R530.

SASSA Foster Child Grant Payment Date May 2024

On Tuesday 7 May 2024, parents also collect their foster child grant easily. In fact, the foster child grant amount is R1,125.

SASSA Care Dependency Grant Payment Date May 2024

The date is similarly announced for SASSA care dependency grant applicants which is Tuesday 7 May 2024. But your latest grant amount is R2,085 in May 2024.

SASSA War Veterans Grant May Payment Date

In April 2024, SASSA especially announced the pay date for SASSA War Veterans applicants. And, the day is Tuesday 7 May 2024 with R2,085 grant amount. 

SASSA SRD Grant May Payment Date 2024

SASSA has not confirmed the exact date for SRD R350 grant payment dates. But you can collect your grant between 25 to 30 May in 2024. In fact, the grant amount is R350 in May 2024.

How to Check SASSA May Payment Dates In 2024

Follow the several steps, if you want to check your May payment dates in 2024 quickly and easily.



  • Scroll above and will get SASSA May payment date or SRD checker
  • Please enter your verified 13 Digit ID number
  • Then, enter your Valid South Africa 10 digit mobile number
  • Click on Check SASSA Status button and wait for a second
  • You will get your SASSA Status with May payment dates then you can download your SASSA Status in one click.

METHOD 3: SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates – ID HOLDERS

You should now be familiar with the process of checking your grant’s status. Here is a simple, short guide to help all SASSA recipients. Follow these steps if you have an ID card from South Africa or a green ID book:

  • Go to the SASSA online portal service “
  • Please read all instructions when you arrive at the SASSA site.
  • Look at the front of your South African identification card to find your South African identity number. Enter the number in the first blank space.
  • Enter your mobile phone number in the second blank field. Enter the mobile number used when you submitted the SASSA application.
  • SASSA now scans your information and verifies your identity. The SASSA will verify your phone number by using a SASSA Status PIN or OTP. To access your application status, you must enter the OTP received via your phone number.
  • A pop-up dialog will now open, where you can verify SASSA status on the web.

METHOD 3: For Asylum seekers and holders of Special Permits:

Follow these steps if you are a holder of a SASSA special permit from Lesotho or Zimbabwe or Angola, or if you have a valid asylum file number.

  1. You will need to enter your file number if you are an asylum seeker. A special permit holder would enter their passport number.
  2. Enter your cell phone number to get started.
  3. To verify your application, you will need a SASSA Status PIN.
  4. Check the status of your SASSA application online.

The Reasons for SASSA Payment Dates in May 2024

Although SASSA strives to adhere to a strict schedule of payments, certain factors can alter the dates on which payments are made. These include:

The Reasons for SASSA Payment Dates in May 2024

Public Holidays

SASSA plans payment dates with public holidays in consideration and can adjust the dates as needed. They choose dates that do not coincide with a public holiday. If there is a public holiday, SASSA may change the date. The payment will be made either a few days before or after the holiday, to ensure that everyone gets their money.

Changes in Administration

SASSA may need to update their processes. There is a possibility that the dates of payment will be changed. They make sure that any changes are not too disruptive. They will inform everyone immediately if there is a need to alter payment dates.

Weekend Holidays

SASSA plans its payments to accommodate weekends. If the payment date falls on a Saturday, it will be moved to a weekday just before or after.

Unexpected Circumstances

Unexpected things can happen, such as computer problems or bad weather. SASSA might have to adjust the dates if this occurs.

Get Ready for May Payment Days 2024

Follow the steps below to ensure that everything runs smoothly when you receive your payment.

Check your balance

It’s a great idea to check your grant balance online before you withdraw money. You can then check if your money has already been deposited in your account. This will help you decide how much to withdraw.

Take Care with Cash Withdrawals

If you withdraw cash, do so quietly and without showing your money. This will reduce the chances of someone stealing from you.

Protect your card and PIN

Never share your PIN code or your SASSA card with anyone. You will be protected from all issues if you do this.

Collect SASSA SRD payments for May 2024

The SASSA payment dates are set for May 2024. Be ready to receive your money at payday. SRD payments can be received in different ways.


You can withdraw money from your card or bank account by using the following methods:

The easiest way to be paid by SASSA, is to use your bank details. This method allows you to withdraw R350 via an ATM with a SASSA Card.

You must update your SASSA bank details before you can receive your payment.

  1. Look for ” How do I change my banking details? on the SASSA website.
  2. You will find a box below this heading where you can enter your ID number.
  3. SASSA will send you a secure link that must be opened securely. When you enter your banking information, do not use public WIFI or an internet connection.
  4. You will need to submit your bank details and wait until they are approved.

You can get your grant via a bank account by following these steps:

  1. Visit your nearest ATM or bank branch.
  2. You can withdraw your grant using your SASSA card.

Use ShopRite or Pick n Pay:

You can still get your money if you don’t have a bank account. The following supermarkets accept SASSA payments.

  • Pick n Pay
  • Boxers
  • Shoprite
  • U-Save
  • Checkers

You can get R350 in cash by shopping at these stores

  1. Avoid long lines by visiting any of the supermarkets listed above early in the day.
  2. Take your South African ID Card and SRD Application ID.
  3. Ask for payment at the reception desk. The receptionist may ask you for your SASSA grant and ID.
  4. Cashier will pay you if you provide these details.
  5. Get a receipt for your grant.

Update your name and surname on the SASSA Application

You will need to update the name or surname of your SRD grant application if your identity verification fails. Before you begin, please have your South African Smart Card or ID Card ready.

  1. Note down the correct spelling of your name and check it again on your card.
  2. Ask a family friend to help you proofread your spelling.
  3. Enter your first and last name in the SASSA application form.
  4. Upload a scanned copy of your identification card.
  5. You only need to submit your ID card along with the required details.

SASSA can take up to 30 working days to verify and check your ID information. SASSA will send you an SMS and email once the verification process has been completed.

The SRD R350 Grant Application Requirements 2024

The SRD R350 Grant Application Requirements 2024

Get R350 for 3 consecutive months when you apply for SRD grant. Apply online if you qualify for the Social SRD COVID-19 Grant.

SRD grant provides financial support to millions of South Africans. This grant is for all unemployed people and the poor. You will need to do some preparation before you start the application process.

  • Fast, stable, and strong internet connection.
  • A high-end gadget like a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.
  • Supported Browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari).
  • JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled on the browser.
  • Browser settings can be changed to allow pop-ups.
  • Document Scanning and Uploading is allowed.
  • Email Address
  • Numbers that you can call
  • Identification documents and ID cards


You can easily collect your SASSA old age grant on Friday 3 May 2024.

On Tuesday 7 May 2024, parents also collect their foster child grant easily. In fact, the foster child grant amount is R1,125.

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