SASSA Port Shepstone Office

Sassa Port Shepstone Office

Sassa, a hope for many individuals across South Africa in providing social services, security and assistance regarding social grants and socioeconomic opportunities. As it’s a vital source of income for many individuals as well as families, there’s also the presence of the Sassa office in port shepstone, a town located in the province KwaZulu-Natal of South Africa. Its presence in the port shepstone indicates how much Sassa is dedicated to providing social services to beneficiaries across South Africa. If you are in Shepstone and wondering if there is a Sassa office and if so, what services do they offer to beneficiaries? Here’s a guide where you can get details about the Sassa port shepstone office and other stuff.

Explore SASSA Port Shepstone Office Services to Beneficiaries

Sassa Port Shepstone Office is a branch of Sassa that is located in the province of  South Africa known for offering social services and working on social welfare programs. If you’re wondering is there a Sassa office in Shepstone, the answer is Yes. You can locate a port shepstone Sassa office nearby you, where you can apply for different social grants, get social assistance from the Sassa team, and avail other options in terms of services. Also check out SASSA Approved with Payday But No SMS.

As poverty is over the limits in South Africa and people are facing hunger of every age, Sassa’s offices in different areas of South Africa can lead to healthier growth among individuals. If you’re living in port Shepstone and match with any of the eligibility criteria of social grants, apply as soon as you can, to avoid a financial crisis. The office is responsible for resolving your grant issues, open for inquiries and offers a gateway towards happiness and joy. Let’s know what service it offers to individuals in the port Shepstone area. To check your result, visit SASSA Status Check.

Top Services Offered by Sassa Port Shepstone Office

In port shepstone, there’s a branch of Sassa office that offers social services to individuals of the area. Let’s know about top services in the Shepstone office.

Social Grants:

The main service offering in the Shepstone Office is social grants. It offers different social grants including Disability grants, Child support grants and other person’s grants for individuals who are eligible for them, getting financial support from the office.

Application Guidance

Sassa office in Shepstone has different assistants and representatives that offer guidance services for newly beneficiaries. As you have to apply for different grants by filling out applications and other things, their assistant will guide you through the whole process personally.

Community Services

Another service is the community outreach as Sassa is involved in offering different grants to the eligible ones. It offers community social programs that are specific to provide education and medical for the eligible individuals as well as offering other resources for beneficiaries.

Referral Services

Besides all other services, Sassa is great in connecting dots as individuals and families with other social agencies. That agencies help them get financial services, assistance and other security services accordingly. These Referrals are for individuals as well as for families in port Shepstone.

How To Apply For Grants in SASSA Port Shepstone Office

All Sassa offices across South Africa follow the same rules of offering grants and same application receiving procedures. If you are applying for any grant in port Shepstone office, must ensure that you’re eligible for the grant whether old age or child support. After that, gather requirements such as accurate documents like proof of identity and other banking details. Fill out the application form and submit it. After a wait of a few weeks, your application will be approved with paydays.

SASSA Port Shepstone Office Contact

If you are facing any problems regarding your application of social grants or other inquiries, you must know the contact of the shepstone office including phone number, email, and official email.

SASSA Port Shepstone office Contact Details

Phone Number039 688 4401
Office Email[email protected]
Toll-Free Number0800 60 10 11


Can I apply for social grants in the Shepstone Office?

Yes, you can apply for social grants in the Shepstone Office.

Does the Shepstone office offer child welfare programs?

Yes, the Shepstone office offers child welfare programs.

Can I get assistance from the Shepstone office?

Yes, you can get assistance from the Shepstone office.

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