I lost My SASSA Reference Number in 2024 – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

sassa reference number

Reference number for SASSA is very important for the applicants and SASSA as well because it helps you and SASSA to keep checking the progress of your application. Whatever the method you’ve used to apply for SASSA grant either Govchat, WhatsApp or any other method you’ll get the form reference number for sassa in each case.

Moreover, the SASSA reference is a special alphanumeric code like the combination of numbers & letters given to the applicants by SASSA. This is a unique ID Number that will help the applicants to track the status of their current application. Whether you’ve applied for the children grant, disability grant, unemployment grant, or any other social grant, the SASSA SRD reference number will help you to know about the application status. 

Please keep the reference number safe and don’t forget it because forgetting the reference number will cause problems for you. In this article you’ll know about the form reference number for SASSA meaning & everything you need to know.

Importance Of SASSA Reference Number

An example of a SASSA reference is “SRD123456”. This is just an example to show you what the reference numbers look like. The reference number starts with letters like “SRD” for the type of help you’re asking for, and then there are some numbers that make your application unique.

i lost my sassa reference number

This special number helps SASSA find your application details very easily quickly. Also, the reference number is also called an application number, This is important for many reasons. Some of the reasons are given below.

  • Application Status: The reference number check will help you to check the status of your application online or by calling at SASSA office.
  • Tracking Grants: You can easily track the grants you’re receiving from SASSA, or can check the updates from SASSA.
  • Records Maintaining: This code will help SASSA to keep check on your records & it also helps the agents for accessing the records you’ve given to them.
  • SMS Notification: You’ll get all the updates on SMS from SASSA.
  • Connecting With SASSA: When you connect to SASSA on the phone, through email, or in person, sharing your reference number is like giving them a fast way to find your application. 
  • Checking Details Quickly: This special number helps the SASSA staff to quickly check your details so they can help you better and give you the information you need. It’s a simple way to make sure your questions get answered quickly and correctly.

How To Get SASSA Reference Number?

After submitting your application to SASSA physically, you’ll get a confirmation receipt form from SASSA. This receipt form will have your reference number. You have to keep this number safe so you can check all the updates easily.

Reference Number Check Online

If you’ve applied for a SASSA grant online then you will receive your SASSA number online VIA email or a confirmation message. This message or email has your reference number in it. Please keep the email or message carefully as you’ll require the reference number to check the status of your application.

SASSA Reference Number Check Online

How Do I Find My Reference Number VIA WhatsApp?

SASSA has given a WhatsApp number to apply for the grants & receiving the reference numbers. 

  • The WhatsApp number is +27 60 012 3456.
  • You’ve to message SASSA on WhatsApp.
  • You’ll receive some prompt messages & you’ll have to provide all the details according to the prompts.
  • After all the steps and giving all the details, you’ll get a reference number on WhatsApp.

How Do I Get My Reference Number Through Helpline?

Call SASSA for free at 0800 60 10 11 to apply for the SRD 350 grant and get a reference number. Here’s what to do:

  • Call the official number given by SASSA.
  • Wait to talk to a SASSA agent.
  • Give the agent all the information he asks for to finish your application.
  • After they’ve looked at your application, they’ll give you an application number. Keep it safe!

What If I lost My SASSA Reference Number?

There are many people who ask SASSA the question, like “What to do If I forgot my SASSA number or lost the number? So the SASSA has given some ways to recover lost reference numbers. So, if you’ve lost the number, then there’s no need to worry. Below are some steps to get your lost SASSA number back.

reference number for sassa

Get SASSA R350 Reference Number Through WhatsApp

There are some simple and easy steps for you. In this way it’s easy for you recovering my reference number,

  • Save the Number: Add the SASSA WhatsApp number, 082 046 8553, to your contacts.
  • Send a Message: Type “Status” and send it to the saved WhatsApp number.
  • Reply to SASSA: When you get a reply from SASSA, text back with “Yes”.
  • Follow Instructions: Provide all the details asked to you by their automated messages.
  • Get Your Number: After that, you’ll get your reference number.

By Visiting Official Website

  • Go to the Official Website: Please Visit the SGSC or SASSA site at https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/status.
  • Enter Your Info: Type in your South African ID number and your phone number.
  • Click “Submit”: Now click at the “submit” button.
  • See Your Number: Your SASSA number will show up on the screen with other details about your application.

Get Your SASSA R350 Number with USSD

  • Dial the USSD Code: On your phone, dial 1203210#.
  • Enter Your ID: A message will pop up asking for your ID number. Then your South African ID number.
  • Type Your Phone Number: Next, you’ll be asked for your phone number. You’ve to give that number that you used when you were applying.
  • See Your Number: Your reference number will then show up on your screen.

Just like that, you can easily find your SASSA R350 grant application ID using USSD.

Find Your SASSA ID by Voice Call

  • Call SASSA: Dial their free number 0800 60 10 11.
  • Press 1: When you hear the automatic message, press 1.
  • Talk to an Agent: You’ll be connected to a person from SASSA.
  • Ask for Your ID: Please tell them you need your application ID.
  • Verify Yourself: They’ll ask for your ID Card and phone number to check for the verification.
  • Get Your Number: After they check your details, they’ll tell you your SASSA application number.

Ways To Update SASSA Details

If you’ve changed your phone number, bank details, or address, it’s necessary to inform SASSA about the change so you will continue receiving your grant without issue.

Ways To Update SASSA Details
  • For changing your phone number: Go to the SASSA official SRD website and log in. Then, Find the section for changing details and enter your new number and the reason why you’re changing it. Then you’ll get an OTP, enter that OTP & click on update.
  • For changing your bank account: On the official website, go to that part that says how to change your banking details. Follow the instructions and you will get a text message with a code. Use this code to update your new bank account information.
  • For changing your address: Go to the nearest SASSA office. Ask for a form to update your information and write your new address on it.

Importance Of Keeping Your Personal Detail Updated

SASSA uses your reference number and contact details to talk to you. To make sure you get your payments without any problems and to get important messages on time, you should:

  1. Make sure SASSA has your latest phone number, address, and bank account info.
  2. You’ve to use the mobile number and email you gave SASSA when you signed up.
  3. Always remember your reference number so you can check the application status and confirm your information.
  4. Quickly answer any texts, emails, or calls from SASSA.


There are many ways for checking your reference number like you can check it with the help of their whatsapp, by visiting their official website.

SASSA Form reference number is a unique code given to the applicants by SASSA so they can track or check the current status of their applications.

A very common question SASSA gets from people is “how do i get my reference number” so the solution and answer is very easy. All you need is to check your receipt document if you’ve applied in person. In case you’ve applied online then it’ll be available in your email or messages.

You can recover your lost reference number by calling SASSA, by texting them at whatsapp or by visiting their official website and providing all the details they’ll ask.

The reference number is very important for your application. It helps you check  your application status and the update. If you don’t have this number, you can not check your application. If you forget this number, there are easy ways to find it again, just like we talked about above in the article.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, your reference number is very important if you’re getting a grant or applied for the grant. It’s a special code that will help you to keep check on your grant application and keep your info up to date with SASSA. If you apply for a grant, you’ll get this number. 

And if you ever lose or forget it, don’t worry, you can get it back easily by following the steps I mentioned above in the article. Always keep your phone number and address updated with SASSA to make sure you get your money without any problems. We’ve talked about how to get your reference number, why it’s important, and how to keep your details current. This helps you to get your grant smoothly.

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