SASSA SRD Phone Number Change without Application ID

SASSA SRD Phone Number Change without Application ID

If you are looking to update your SASSA SRD phone number but not having an application id, this article is for you. As SASSA is the most powerful agency that eliminates poverty within South Africa by providing different SASSA grants, you can easily enter into the world of Sassa grants and discover the mysteries of Sassa. One important aspect here is changing SASSA SRD Phone Number Change without Application ID as beneficiaries want a working method to face this problem. Let’s dive into this article to know what steps should be taken to solve the changing the phone number.

Unlock Method to Change SASSA Grant Phone Number Without Application ID

As a SASSA beneficiary, you can encounter different problems and questions while getting payments or during applications. SASSA provides services that offer different methods to unlock answers to different questions arising in your minds. You can be informed of different updates regarding sassa payments and payment status through phone numbers, but what if your current number is not working or you have changed your number that isn’t registered in the SASSA? You can now change your SASSA srd number even without your application id through the method given below. This will help you to change your phone number without having application id. Also remember to check SASSA Status to know your result.

Step by Step Guide on Changing SRD Number

  1. Browse the original SASSA website on any platform you’re using.
  2. Locate “Update your contact details” on the page.
  3. Enter your existing 13 digits id number and phone number.
  4. Submit your request to the SASSA.
  5. Once done submitting, you will be promoted with reasons for changing the number.
  6. Enter your reasons and finalize submitting it.

Top 3 Tips to get Smooth Process of changing SASSA Srd Number Without Application

Wanna get smooth changing process of your sassa phone number without application id? Take a look at the top tips given below that you should take care of while being in the process. Let’s the beneficial tips that benefit the beneficiaries of SASSA.

  • FIRST TIP: Recheck your SASSA Id number after entering it.
  • SECOND TIP: Must provide a strong reason of changing your phone number.
  • THIRD TIP: In terms of reference, must contain a copy of your application.

Change SASSA SRD Phone Number With Application ID

One of the easiest and the most convenient way to change your phone number whether whatever you have reasons, is changing the number with application id. This method possesses same steps just like the above method but this time, OTP matters. So, let’s know the method and what steps it holds.

  1. Browse the original SASSA website on any platform you’re using.
  2. Enter your existing 13 digits id number.
  3. Enter your sassa application id.
  4. Verify further details including email.
  5. Enter your reason of changing number.
  6. Enter your new phone number.
  7. You’ll get an OTP on your phone number. ( New Number).
  8. Verify it using OTP code and your number will be changed.

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