Why My SASSA Status Check Failed? – Reason & Quick Solution For Free in 2024

SASSA Status Check Failed?

SASSA Status check failed due to incomplete application information, data verification error, Suspended or canceled grants or Incorrect bank account information which mean data couldn’t match the records held by Department of home affairs. With this status, you should appeal promptly through SASSA website within 30 days to approve grant status. 

Why My SASSA Status Check Failed?

Many SASSA applicants face the error of “Identity verification failed” during the SASSA status checking process and they don’t understand the meaning of failed status. In fact, many people never take action and its grants expire within 30 days.

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Why My SASSA Status Check Failed

Reason 1: Incomplete Application Information

The most common reason for SASSA verification failed messages is incomplete form data. Which means grant applicants failing to provide important information during the application process. For that reason, you’ll face a grant failed status error.

Reason 2: Data Verification Error

Data verification is another biggest reason for SASSA status failed message and you emphasizing the importance of accurate data verification. Although, if your provided data is not matched with the Department of Home Affairs. That’s why you need to enter valid data.

Reason 3: Suspended or Canceled Grants

Another reason for the Failed message is grant canceled reason. Which means if your SASSA any grant type is suspended due to non compliance with multiple conditions. Then you’ll be ready to get SASSA identity verification failed error.

Reason 4: Wrong Banking Details

If you mistakenly provide wrong bank account details then you are facing a failed status check error. There are too many South Africans that provide incorrect banking detail and lose their grant. 

SASSA Status Check Failed Solution in 2024

With the help of the SASSA portal you’ll quickly change application status and submit again. After this method SASSA Status failed error will change into SASSA status approved in 2024;

  • Firstly, click the SASSA reconfirmation official portal to update your grant information.
  • Enter your registered ID number or Mobile number then Click Submit Button.
  • SASSA will confirm your identification by sending OTP on your SMS message.
  • Enter your OTP and click the verify button, then you’ll move to the next step.
  • Once you enter the web portal, you can see your application form with all primary details including ID number, cell number, banking detail, eligibility criteria and much more. 
  • Look over the previous information and date. If you find any mistake then Re-enter the accurate data and click the update button. 

Remember that, if you update any changes in your application form then you need to wait for SASSA’s second review system which means SASSA will check your application within 30 days. So, please you need to wait for next month because there is a 99% chance you’ll approve grant status.

SASSA Status Check Failed Despite Correct Application Details?

Many South Africans applicants complain that the given information is accurate but still my SASSA status check failed. So, this means your grant is canceled or suspended by SASSA.

After that, you need to wait for 24 hours maximum then check again your SASSA grant status. If still status failed then you need to apply for SASSA appeal. Here is several steps to apply SASSA appeal for “identity verification failed” in 2024.

  • Step 1: Visit the SASSA appeal web portal.
  • Step 2: Enter your verified identity number or cell number and click the SEND PIN button
  • Step 3: Please wait for a minute to receive an OTP SMS on your device.
  • Step 4: Enter the PIN accurately and move to the SASSA appeal portal.
  • Step 5: Again you need to provide all your information in detail or accurately with important documents then click the submit button.

SASSA Status Check Failed Despite Correct Application Details?

Still, you need to wait for 30 days maximum to get an accurate result about the SASSA grant. So, if you’re an applicant for the SASSA older age grant, disability grant, care dependency grant, child support grant, foster child grant or war veterans grant you need to wait 30 days only.


In this situation, you need to move the SASSA appeal system because this message will appear when SASSA suspend or cancel your grant application without any reason. So, if you’re applicable then apply SASSA appeal for free.

If you are facing a SASSA status failure error on the government portal, you need to consider the SASSA call method to confirm grant status. Because SASSA stall tells you actual status is SASSA status failed error appear due to technical error or other else.

In case your application fails due to incomplete information, follow these steps: visit this website https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/reconfirmation/auth. Login to your account. Make sure your application has all the information you need. Update your application. You will typically hear back from SASSA within 30 days.

The Bottom Line

Overall, SASSA Failed error will resolve easily, you just need to confirm your failing reason. Simply if your SASSA status failed due incomplete application information, data verification error and Incorrect bank account information then you should confirm it on SASSA reconfirmation.

On the other hand, if your previous given information is accurate but status failed which means your grant is rejected. In this situation, you need to apply for a SASSA appeal for free. Moreover, you need to wait 30 to 60 days maximum to confirm your grant next status.

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