350 SASSA Grant Pending Status in 2024 – How to Approve SASSA Status Pending?

sassa status pending

If you applied for SASSA Social Grant & you find your SASSA Status pending, there’s no need to worry. It simply means that SASSA is checking your application. You think that “sassa status pending for how long” but you’ve to keep patience. As SASSA receives millions of applications, they’ve to review each and every application carefully. So it’s very normal to take time to verify the applications. 

In case you think that the processing is taking much more time than the expected time after checking your SASSA R350 Status again & it shows that 350 still pending and it says that SASSA reapplication is pending that’s normal too. Whether you’re dealing with a 350 SASSA grant pending status or worried about the duration of the pending phase, this article will provide you with all the necessary details about online application pending SASSA. 

Plus, you’ll learn about checking your “350 status check pending” too. In this article, I’ll help you understand the meaning of, awaiting application SRD grant, how SASSA processes your application, and how much time SASSA will take to accept your application.

SASSA Status Pending All Reasons in 2024

There are many reasons behind SASSA reapplication pending. The SASSA has millions of applications for review so this can be the main reason for your pending application. After that, you don’t need to check your SASSA balance with this message or SASSA payment dates. As SASSA needs to verify each and every detail of your application manually so this process can take time. Before accepting your application, SASSA compares it with many databases. SASSA uses the following databases to confirm your information. This pending status is most common in SASSA child support grant, grant-in-age, foster child and care dependency grant.

sassa reapplication pending

Verification From Department of Home Affairs (DHA)

Firstly, the SASSA used the database of the Home Affairs Department for the verification of your ID number. This verification is for checking your identity like if you’re a citizen of South Africa & a permanent resident of a refugee with proper paperwork. It helps them to make sure that all the details you’ve given to them are right.

Checking of Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

SASSA checks your information with the Unemployment Insurance Fund(UIF) to make sure that you’re not getting any unemployment benefits. This is a way for SASSA to check that you’re currently jobless & have no other source of income.

Verification Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) Funds

SASSA checks your ID number with the student money help (NSFAS) system too. This is to make sure you aren’t getting any kind of help for your studies. They do this to verify that the grant goes to people who really need it and aren’t already getting help from somewhere else.

South African Revenue Services (SARS) Check

SASSA also verifies your details from the SARS department. This helps them to know about your tax details & also ensures them that you’re not getting any kind of grant or help from the government. 

Checking Database Of Department Of Social Development (DSD)

SASSA also looked at the records of DSD as well. This is done to make sure that the funds go to only those people with no source of income.

Details Verification From National Credit Regulator(NCR)

They also verify your details from NCR as well. It is done to check if you’ve huge amount in your bank account or not. So, all these reasons can be a cause for why your 350 status check is pending.

How to Approve SASSA Pending Status in 2024?

First of all, you’ve to keep patience for almost three months after submission of your application. This waiting period is important because it gives SASSA enough time to go review all the applications they receive. 

But, if you’ve waited three months, which is about 90 days, and you find that your application status is still showing as pending, then you can take some steps. Taking the action will help you to avoid any delays and allows you to get an update on your application. 

sassa srd reapplication pending

You can follow the below steps and they’ll help you in accepting your application. You can check your status awaiting reapplication SASSA r350 by some ways. A way is by visiting the SASSA office or other method of checking are online.

Contact SASSA VIA WhatsApp

Through WhatsApp application you’ll easily check your grant status quickly and next time your never see application pending by SASSA;

  • Step 1: You can contact SASSA through their WhatsApp number that’s 082 046 8553 to ask about your application status. 
  • Step 2: They’ll ask about your application ID so they can check your details & tell you about the application stats.
  • Step 3: After checking your details, they’ll tell you the latest information about your application.

Call SASSA Through Their Toll Free Number

Another easiest way is free SASSA toll number, you can ask for SASSA pending reason in 2024;

  • Step 1: You can call SASSA on their number at 0800 60 10 11 
  • Step 2: Check your application status and why it’s taking so much time to approve
  • Step 3: The agent of the call center will ask about your ID number & your application ID for verification of your identity. 
  • Step 4: After all the verification, they’ll tell you the current status of your application & reason of delay if there’s any.

Visit Your Nearby SASSA Office

Another way is to visit the SASSA office that’s near to you.

  • Step 1:  Visit any nearest SASSA office that is close to your home with your important  documents , make sure you don’t visit any post office for SASSA status information.
  • Step 2:  They’ll check some of your documents like your ID and the application ID, so make sure to take them with you. 
  • Step 3: After they check your information, they will tell you why your application is still waiting and what’s the current status of the application.
sassa office

SASSA Pending for How Long in 2024?

The approval of your application can take up to almost 90 days. The time depends on the applications and how many applications they’ve to review. So there’s no need to worry about the delay of your application.

Because after SASSA has reviewed your application, they’ll notify you if your application is approved or rejected. If your application gets approved, they’ll ask you to provide the bank account details so you can easily receive the grant amount. If unfortunately your request got rejected then they will give you a reason for rejection. 

How to Avoid Waiting too long for your Application?

Below are some simple steps to help speed up your SASSA application process and avoid long waits:

  • Make Sure Your Form is Full: Always complete the application before submitting it. If you didn’t provide all the information or didn’t sign the application then SASSA will ask you to refill your information and it will take more time than expected.
  • Provide Correct Details: Always provide correct information about yourself. Mistakes or false details can slow down the process a lot because SASSA has to spend extra time checking the application. Wrong information can lead you to rejection or legal trouble.
  • Give All Needed Documents: Give all the documents SASSA asks from you. If you didn’t give all the required documents then SASSA will ask you to give the remaining documents as well and it’ll take longer to look at your application.

What Means of 350 SASSA Grant Pending?

It means that the SASSA has received your application but they’ve not reviewed your application yet. For accepting or rejecting the applications, SASSA needs to review each and every application very carefully. 

What Means of 350 SASSA Grant Pending?

Before accepting the application they’ve to verify all the financial records & government records like your ID, if you really live in the country, and how much money you’ve in your back account or you earn a month.  Status Pending” doesn’t mean they’ve rejected your request, it just means they’re still checking about it and need a bit more time to decide if they can give you the grant or not.

Why Pending Status In April 2022/24?

If you applied for the SASSA grant in April and find that your application is still pending, you’re not alone. Many people are noticing their April SRD pending status, which means SASSA hasn’t accepted their application yet. 

The status like April SASSA still pending, is common due to the millions of applications SASSA receives, especially during busy months like April. Whether you find your April SRD still pending when you check your status, it shows that SASSA is still reviewing your application. Please keep patience during this time, and keep yourself updated about the latest information by SASSA. 


If your SASSA status is still saying “August pending SASSA”, it could be for a few reasons. Sometimes, August is a busy month for SASSA because lots of people are applying or updating their applications. If there was something missing or not right in your form, SASSA might need extra time to get in touch with you for the right information. 

Many people are facing issues in getting their grant for September. This is due to technical glitch.

First, go to the official SASSA SRD website. Then, find the section about SRD grants, and you can see your status. Another way is to use WhatsApp. Just send a text to the SASSA WhatsApp number for SRD grants, which is 082 046 8553. You need to send your ID number with your first and last name. They will then tell you about your status.

Many people are facing issues in getting their grant for September. This is due to technical glitch.

No, you can’t qualify for an SRD grant if you’re getting any kind of help from other platforms. In this case the SASSA will reject your application.

No, if your SASSA status is pending that doesn’t mean that your application is rejected. It simply means that SASSA is still checking & reviewing your application. They’re checking everything about your details.

To Conclude

If your SASSA R350 grant status is “pending,” there’s no need to worry. This just means SASSA is going through your application carefully. Remember, they’ve millions of applications to review, so it’s normal for the process to take some time. Also, you need to wait for SASSA war veterans grant and disability grant.

If you find yourself waiting longer than expected, especially if you’ve applied in busy months like April, it’s important to stay patient and keep checking for updates. Stay informed, be patient, and follow up as needed to ensure your application is processed smoothly. For further information you can SASSA contact.

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