Tymebank Offers Interest Free Early SASSA Grant Access

Tymebank Offers Interest Free Early Sassa Grant Access

Facing any hurdles in managing your financial expenses? Tymebank offers interest free early Sassa Grant access to beneficiaries who are the users of the Tymebank or switched their accounts to this bank for receiving Sassa payments. To solve problems regarding finance, beneficiaries can now access half of your payment before their actual Sassa grant payment date. As South African people are supported by the Sassa services, Tymebank plays an important role in serving financial support by giving advance payments of Sassa grants without any extra money or interests. So, let’s dive into this article to know in detail about this offer. Also check out SASSA Status to know the result of SASSA.

Review an Update on Tymebank Offering Advance Sassa Grant Payments

SASSA is a servicing agency that at least every South African relies on because of their income support to the eligible citizens. Once you’re a grant holder, you become a beneficiary to receive sassa grant payments and Tymebank is now the biggest source of solving the financial crisis of the recipients as it allows them to receive their half amount of their grant payments before the due date.

Many beneficiaries are in confusion whether banks take interests or not as they are not willing to pay extra interests, TymeBank is the only Bank that has access to half payment without any extra payments or interests. So, if you’re a sassa grant holder of any type and in need of payments before due dates, TymeBank is the only solution as Tymebank offers interest free early Sassa Grant access. Review an update on TymeBank Offering Advance Sassa Grant Payments and how much amount users can access using TymeBank.

How Much Amount Users Can Access Using Tymebank 

Now as a user of a Tymbank, you must’ve been a good recipients who knows every single detail about the amount system but if you’re new to the TymeBank and wanna know how much amount of money you can access from your Sassa grant payments before due date, this section is for you. If you’re beneficiary of Sassa and now become a part of TymeBank, you can access a total of R500 from your actual Sassa grant payment before the due date without any interest. This will ease your extra financial expenses even in the middle of your month. Be a TymeBank user and enjoy this long lasting opportunity.

Statement Regarding Early Grant Access by Tymebank’s Chief Commercial Officer

If you’re finding this offer as a rumor or not taking it seriously, here’s an actual and accurate statement of Cheslyn Jacobs, Chief Commercial Officer of the TymeBank. Here’s a statement: “ It is not possible and difficult for the people to make their money last the entire month, especially or particularly when there are unforeseen expenses. We, TymeBank, created an easier Grant Advance facility that is beneficial for our customers to access their funds earlier.”

When Users Can Get Early Sassa Grant Access

The most top rated and the most important question rising in the minds of the beneficiaries is When Users Can Get Early Sassa Grant Access? So here you can give a brief answer to your question. As TymeBank pays advance payments to Sassa beneficiaries who are also users of the bank, customers can get their half of their payments without any interest during the last 10 days of the month to have ease in their financial home expenses. If you’re applying to get access for 15 days, it’s not possible. Payments can only be accessed during the last 10 days.

General Grant Recipients

The last but the most important aspect, a Tymebank user must know about is that Early Sassa Grant is not accessible to the SRD grant beneficiaries. Tymebank only gives access to Sassa payments who are general recipients of the Tymebank. You must’ve switched your Sassa grant payments to Tymebank for accessing the payments before the due date. As Grant Advance is not the type of loan or Interest, it is a real mechanism to provide income and social relief to eligible beneficiaries. Open your Everyday Tymebank account, download Tymebank proof of account letter using different methods and make sure your banking details have been captured before 15th of the month to get your Sassa grant payments.

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