What Time Do SASSA Offices Open?

What Time Do Sassa Offices Open

Sassa is the main social security agency that is popular across South Africa and has opened its different SASSA offices in different regions and specific locations. SASSA offices are becoming basic needs of South African citizens as they can visit for different purposes. Whether you want to get social services or seek assistance from SASSA members, the SASSA office plays a vital role. One question every individual wants to know and confirms its answer as What time do sassa offices open? Regarding this question, you can also get updates on their timing through their website but here we’re with useful information about SASSA office timing, so that you can avoid long delays and visit offices with proper plans. Let’s dive into this article to know different timing of SASSA offices.

Unlock SASSA Office Timings For Different Factors

Know What Time Do SASSA Offices Open? SASSA offices are part of the South African social security agency that is a great development across South Africa in providing social grants, security services, food services, and assistance when needed by beneficiaries. Knowing the SASSA office timing is necessary to plan your successful visits to nearest offices for different purposes whether you want to apply for SASSA grants or for inquiries. In this article, we will provide you with the SASSA office timing effective to different factors. 

You can start your brightfull day with the needed support you want from SASSA by knowing the exact SASSA office timings, but somehow there may be slight changes in the timing of the hours besides standard timing because of specific regions and locations. Plan a visit to SASSA office once getting complete information about SASSA timings and there are also public holidays as well. So, be aware of the timings and have successful visits to Sassa offices through our article. Don’t forget to check out SASSA SRD Phone Number Change without Application ID.

Standard Timing of SASSA Offices in South Africa

SASSA offices have standard timing and have openings from Monday to Friday excluding Weekends. You can see that SASSA is the most regulated agency and even has regulated rules for timings. If you’re planning to visit your nearest SASSA office whatever your purpose is, find a standard time below for the opening of the SASSA offices across South Africa. If you want to check your result, visit SASSA Status Check.

Standard Timing of SASSA Offices

WEEKDAYSMonday – Friday
OPEN TIMING7:30 AM – 8:00 AM


SASSA Public Holidays Schedule For 2024

Besides its standard timing of opening and closing, you must be aware of public holdings to avoid meaningless visits to SASSA offices. Below is the list of public holidays with dates for the year 2024.

SASSA Public Holidays

1 January 2024New Year’s Day
21 March 2024Human Rights Day
29 March 2024Good Friday
31 March 2024Easter Sunday
1 April 2024Family Day
27 April 2024Freedom Day
1 May 2024Workers’ Day
29 May 2024General Elections
16 June 2024Youth Day
17 June 2024Youth Day Observed
9 August 2024National Women’s Day
24 September 2024Heritage Day
16 December 2024Day of Reconciliation
25 December 2024Christmas Day
26 December 2024Day of Goodwill

Tips For a Successful Visit to SASSA Offices

Sassa offices have exact timings of opening and closing but sometimes your visit to offices even knowing the office timings is meaningless and you can’t meet the requirements of the Sassa. We have provided some tips for your successful visit to Sassa offices for whatever reason you are going to.

  • Please arrive early on time as Sassa’s opening timing is between 7:30 AM – 8:00 AM, you should be there at 9 AM.
  • Bring Complete documents with accurate information to avoid delays.
  • Must check operating hours for ensuring that the office is open or not.
  • Avoid busier days as peak days, so that you don’t have to wait for long hours.
  • For saving time, you must visit Sassa online through the website to check if you can get help via online or not to save time.

Contact Sassa Office Through Two Methods 

If you are not feeling better and not interested in visiting SASSA offices personally, you can contact SASSA offices online through different methods. If you are not able to contact to official channels of SASSA, here are top 2 alternative methods to contact Sassa team and get assistance regarding your problem.

  • You can consider contacting The Presidential Hotline 17737 (1 PRES) for resolving issues regarding social grants online without visiting the office personally.
  • You can consider contacting the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals 012 312 7727 for talking about your social grants appeal without visiting the office personally.


Does Sassa office timing vary?

Yes, Sassa office timings may vary due to specific regions and locations.

Can I visit Sassa offices on weekends?

No, Sassa offices are closed on weekends.

What’s the email address to contact Sassa online?

[email protected] is the email address to contact Sassa online.

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